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Oct 4, 2009

“Warming Myth Exposed”.

By,Viv Forbes.

A mere 20,000 years ago, massive ice sheets covered much of the earth. The sparse population led a cold hungry existence.

Then just 12,000 years ago, there was dramatic natural global warming - ice sheets melted, sea levels rose and the warming seas expelled carbon dioxide. The warmth and extra carbon dioxide plant food in the atmosphere encouraged the spread of grasslands, forests, animals and humans over lands once covered by thick, barren sheets of ice.

None of these beneficial climate changes were caused by emissions from the camp fires of the Cave Men.

Since then earth has experienced a see-saw of minor natural heating and cooling.

The most recent warming phase started at the depth of the Little Ice Age about 300 years ago, before James Watt invented the steam engine. There were no emissions from cars, trucks, trains, planes or cement plants, but still the planet warmed up.

Climate fluctuations continue in modern times, but not in step with industrial man’s carbon dioxide emissions.

When industry declined in the Great Depression of the 1930s, CO2 emissions fell but temperatures rose to a peak.

Then during the immediate post war boom in industry, emissions soared but temperatures fell and there were fears of a new ice age.

Now, since the start of the new century, with emissions from China and India booming, world temperatures are again falling.

The message is there for those prepared to read – there is not a scrap of evidence that man-made carbon dioxide causes global warming (or pollution).

For the IPCC to continue promoting the man-made global warming scare in the face of clear contrary evidence is devious or incompetent.

The man-made warming myth is exposed. Both the IPCC and the CSIRO should be challenged to justify their reckless and baseless climate scare-mongering.

For more detail and supporting evidence of the above statements go here.

Viv Forbes is Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food.


  1. Alas, when Global Whining turns out to be a hoax bigger than Piltdown Man, it will quietly fade away and be brushed under the rug and never mentioned again by the powers that be. The sheeple will forget about it and go back to grazing until the next time someone figures out a Big Scare to gobble up money, gain power, and manipulate people. In ten or twenty years you may not even be able to find anyone who will admit to have been involved with the scam even though they are fanatics now.

  2. We are definitely on the same wavelength here Bawb, as I was finalizing my latest post your comment came through. The post is titled, "Gores Hockey Stick: The greatest scientific fraud since Piltdown man."

  3. I noticed that just now. Pretty funny we were both typing that at the same time. Now I have to come up with another big hoax to compare it to...the Cardiff Giant? The surgeon's Nessie photo? Hope & change?