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Oct 26, 2009

Why Compromise is Defeat.

Cartoon By Nate Beeler.

By Viv Forbes

(Editors Note): This is an extract from the original article. The full text can be viewed at "Carbon Sense."

The next few weeks are crucial. Australians can choose to assist the creation of the World Carbon Rationing, Tax and Redistribution Authority, administered by the United Nations, or we can take a step on the road back to energy and climate sanity.

The first step to sanity is to ensure that the opposition votes at all times to REJECT whatever Ration-N-Tax Scheme the Rudd government tries to get on the law books before the Copenhagen Climate Conclave. We must give no encouragement whatsoever to this international cabal of levellers.

Malcolm Turnbull and the warmist wing of the Liberal Party think that they are being politically savvy and achieving something useful by negotiating with the devil on a few clauses of the ETS (Extra Tax System). In matters as crucial as this, compromise is defeat.

In the long run, complete destruction of the ETS and the Climate Control Industry and its legislative mountain is far more important than one election, or the future of the Liberal Party. Like a dead fish, the Liberal Party is rotting from the head. Its survival is unimportant for Australians in the total scheme of things.

So we either block Rudd’s Ration-N-Tax Scheme now or, if blockage is impossible, we let them run riot and then use the backlash (and a new opposition with backbone) to then throw out ALL of the old extreme garbage of the Wong Ration-N-Tax Scheme, together with the Rudd government. We must not give birth to a compromise.

If Turnbull gets his way, and some weak compromise gets onto the law books, it will produce nothing but harm for ever more. Because of all the “mates-rates exemptions” and “free permits for friends” it will not be so obviously bad that people will throw it out at the first opportunity. With cunning manipulation, the initial effects may not be dramatic, and people will say: “Well the deniers ran a big scare campaign but the world did not end with the introduction of the Ration-N-Tax Scheme”.

However, even if many of the “compromise” exemptions remain for some time, all the red tape, regulators, hidden taxes, subsidies, redistributions, scams, frauds and mis-allocation of investment capital will infect the blood of the economy, remaining as a leaking stomach ulcer of chronic costs that no one can recognise, but everyone will suffer from.

Now is the time to draw a line in the sand.

Every one of us needs to make sure that our local member knows that, unless he opposes the Ration-N-Tax Scheme, he will not only lose our vote, but also that we will actively work against him (or her).

Which politicians can we support? The Climate Sceptics Party, though new and small, is the most informed and dedicated. Support them. Senators Barnaby Joyce, Ron Boswell and the Nationals have risked all on uncompromising opposition to the Extra Tax System. Support them. The brave Senator Steve Fielding stood alone against the tide. Support him and his Family First Party. Support also the DLP, the Citizens Electoral Council, One Nation and any Independent who opposes the Ration-N-Tax Scheme.

Use the preferential voting system to rank even the unpalatable options. Put all alarmists and fellow travellers last.

Finally, if in doubt “Throw the incumbent out”.

Make no mistake. The Ration-N-Tax Scheme is not something to take lightly. It will be as complicated as the Income Tax Act, as relentless as the GST, as destructive as the Global Financial Crisis and as prone to corruption as the UN.

And it will have no effect that anyone can measure on the climate. There is zero chance it will “improve” the climate. And the only way it can reduce man-made production of carbon dioxide is by depressing the economy. All of those fatuous targets discussed with great solemnity in conclaves of fools meeting in world tourist destinations have no chance whatsoever of being achieved except by a long chronic economic depression. As accurately as any other measure, emissions of carbon dioxide monitor economic activity. As China and India recognise very clearly, cap it and you cap economic activity.

The Ration-N-Tax Scheme has two more insidious elements.

Firstly, once they get any sort of watered down bill on the books, you can be sure it will give authority to the bureaucracy (ie the Minister of the day) to change rates, remove exemptions or reduce the cap without further reference to Parliament. Like so many government levies and taxes, once the principle is accepted, the rates will inevitably rise. In fact, after the first year at a low fixed carbon tax rate, the rate will be “set by the market”, and government will manipulate the permits issued to ensure the “carbon price” keeps rising. Politicians will then blame “market forces” for the increasing carbon tax with its noxious effect on jobs and consumer costs.

For those still contemplating the benefits of a compromise on the establishment of this monster new tax, ask this: “When did you last see a tax abolished”?

Secondly, the western world is teetering on the edge of the world carbon tax abyss. For the next month or so, there is no scare story too extreme, no compromise too tawdry, and no trade-off too un-principled, just to get something “agreed” and subject to some sort of “International Treaty”.

The unelected Climate Controllers in the UN’s IPCC know that the likes of Obama, Rudd and Brown will all lose office sooner or later. They want “The Copenhagen Treaty” to be so formatted that no-one can pull out once they put a foot on the sticky paper. Co-operative International Courts will try to override state sovereignty so that even if a new opposition is swept into power with a mandate to “clean the stables”, this “International Treaty” status will be used to defy the will of the people. Australian and US workers will become slaves, obliged to continually pay “climate compensation” to all the failed states of the world, and to pick up the tab to keep the IPCC cadre flying to places like Rio and Bali for their regular sabbaticals.

Christopher Monckton recently warned America about the likely loss of sovereignty. It was reported here:

You can watch his entire 1 hour 35 minute presentation. It is well worth the time if you can spare it.

The slide-show he frequently points to in this presentation can be viewed along with the video.

“Carbon Sense” is a newsletter produced by the Carbon Sense Coalition, an Australian based organisation which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food.

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