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Jan 16, 2010

“The Climate is Changing”

You may find yourself needing this.

By Viv Forbes; Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.

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Climate Change: Fact & Fictions

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“The Climate is Changing”

Tom Switzer of the IPA in The Wall Street Journal says it all:

“When I say the climate is changing, I do not mean, as many people do, that man-made global warming is destroying Planet Earth. I mean that the politics of climate change is changing rapidly all over the globe. Al Gore's moment has come and gone.

“In the United States, Democrats, nervously facing mid-term elections, are calling on President Obama to jettison the cap-and-trade bills before the Senate. In Canada, the emissions-trading scheme (another term for cap-and-trade) is stalled in legislative limbo. In Britain, Tories are coming out against David Cameron's green stance. In the European Union, cap-and-trade has been the victim of fraudulent traders and the carbon price has more than halved to $18.50 per ton. In France, the Constitutional Council has blocked President Nicolas Sarkozy's tax on carbon emissions that was set to take effect in the New Year.

“In Copenhagen, meanwhile, the United Nations' climate-change summit went up in smoke. And in Mexico City later this year hopes for any verifiable, enforceable and legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases-and to bring in developing nations such as China and India that were, insanely, omitted from the Kyoto protocol in 1997-are a chimera.

“Add to this that Washington was buried by record-breaking snowfalls last month, that hurricane activity is at a 30-year low in the U.S., that London is bracing itself for its coldest winter in decades, and that there has still been no recorded global warming this century, and it is no wonder public skepticism is rising across the world.” Link to full article:

However, even though the political climate is changing rapidly, it is no time to relax.

Rudd, Wong, Turnbull and the Greens are still determined and there is undoubtedly much scheming going on. We need to keep the pressure on the weak reeds in the Liberal Party, as well as turning up the heat on ALP Senators. Are they voting for draconian measures that will destroy the jobs of their union supporters, turning many decent hard working Australians into paupers and mendicants?

Rudd is still planning to reintroduce his bill. Call his bluff. Reject it and let him bring on an election. It will be a fight worth having. We must defeat this bill. Once it is introduced, there will be so many sucking on the carbon tax teats we will never manage to eradicate it.

Don’t assume that Copenhagen was a failure. They will have some plan to use “International Treaties” to shackle us with an international Ration-N-Tax Scheme that bypasses local parliaments. It is not about climate or the environment – it is about international carbon taxes funding international wealth redistribution under the control of an unelected bureaucracy in the United Nations. See:

“Climate Madness and Electricity Realities.”

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused the Rudd/Turnbull Alarmists of pursuing the same silly energy policies that are converting once-Great Britain into Poor Little England.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense” Mr Viv Forbes said that people need to note conditions today in Britain.

“Ice laden wind turbines sit idle in the still air; solar panels are covered in snow; gas reserves are down to 8 days; pensioners are burning books to keep warm, and a bankrupt government chants global warming mantras.

“This is happening because politicians have been conned by anti-industrial greens to neglect the UK’s reliable and economical coal and nuclear generators, while wasting time and money on pointless climate crusades.

“Australia is treading this treacherous path. The Wong energy plan will consume our savings, uglify our headlands with wind turbines, pave our deserts with solar panels and entangle our countryside with a spider-web of costly and poorly used transmission lines. And still we will need coal and gas to deliver power when the winds don’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.

“When this global warming madness passes, future generations will remove this derelict solar/wind infrastructure and return to the only reliable and economical electricity options for Australia – coal, gas, hydro and nuclear.

“Reality exists, even if there are few who recognise it.”

For some hard realities on Emissions Targets and Electricity Generation Options for Australia see:

Gore’s Books cause Warming in Britain

Washington, DC., January 8, 2009 – It has been reported in the London press that poor old-age pensioners are having to resort to buying books at thrift shops to burn to keep warm during the prolonged bitterly cold weather in the United Kingdom. In response to this humanitarian crisis, Freedom Action is calling on former Vice President Al Gore to join an effort to collect and airlift copies of his science fiction bestsellers to British people in dire need.

“We are collecting copies of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Our Choice, and Earth in the Balance and will send them to Oxfam in the UK to distribute for free to vulnerable people trying to survive the cold weather,” said Myron Ebell, Director of Freedom Action. “We call on Mr. Gore to co-operate in our effort to relieve human suffering by providing copies of his books for burning in stoves and fireplaces.”

“It is appropriate that Al Gore’s books should be used to help keep poor people warm,” Ebell explained, “since the principal reason the British government is totally unprepared to deal with the brutally cold weather is because they have fallen for the global warming myths propagated by Gore himself in his bestselling books. Burning Gore’s otherwise worthless books to keep people from freezing is their highest and best use.” 

For the story on how UK Wind Farms produced almost no power when it was most needed see:

Latest Calamitous Forecast for 2010 from the Government Forecasters

“There is a 40-60% chance that 2010 will be the tenth warmest year in the last decade”.

Power Station Images – incompetence or propaganda?

It seems that never a night passes without TV images of a power station cooling tower with white clouds emerging. This is no doubt intended to promote their mantra of “carbon pollution”.

This illustrates either gross incompetence or planned propaganda by the Alarmist media. All that emerges from those impressive cooling towers is warm air and water vapour. The vapours are as dangerous and polluting as is the boiling kettle on your stove. And all that comes up the real chimneys is carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapours – all harmless natural gases. To understand and combat this nightly propaganda, see how a power station works:


  1. Don't let the greens forget warm water discharge from those nasty evil power plants is keeping the endangered manatees in Florida from freezing to death. It never fails to amaze me how the eco-kooks are completely oblviious to the concept of irony.

    As for heating with books for pensioners in England, the global warming worshippers could GIVE to the needy as other religions do(and it is a religion to these people)instead of TAKING.

    As proof of the religion claim, Al Gore's book replaced Gideon's Bible in California hotel rooms. They could gather all those up and send them to the pensioners to burn. Then, finally, something good for the rest of us would finally come out of Gore's blithering.

    We have to keep the pressure on them. Global warming being a religion, its zealots and High Priest Gore will fight that much harder with jihad fanaticism as the whole thing crumbles down around them. Let's hope we can limit the damage they can do before they slip into history as a footnote beside the other great hoaxes.

  2. You are right about the religion thing, these idiots are more obsessed than the Peoples Temple, the Branch Dividians, and radical Islam combined.

  3. For a good laugh, there's nothing quite like drawing conclusions on global climate from the temperatures in London and Washington.