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Jan 21, 2010

John Stossel on “Crony Capitalism."

H/t Dr Sanity.

John Stossel is or should be known as one of the greatest advocate of libertarian ideas in the modern era. He has a unique ability to take apart accepted statist doctrine and show it as the ridiculous concept anyone with a rational belief in the free enterprise system know it to be. The only thing I am left wondering after watching him is how the hell we ever reached this point and why the hell we are not out there tarring and feathering the perpetrators.

When I was taking my first few faltering steps toward libertarianism, (actually I leapt in head first, rose to the surface with a joyous shout and knew that this time I had it right, but I digress) I watched the film “The Incredible Bread Machine,” and was outraged by much of what I saw, including at the 18/19 minute mark the stuff about lobbyists. Incredibly the film is up on Youtube, a bit old and washed out, but still there:

Stossel deals with the issue of lobbying extensively in this the first of six videos in the series. For those with less time there is a shorter clip here.

This is part one of six 10-minute clips:

The whole program is worth watching if you have the hour to spare, and part four (about the toy industry) is guaranteed to really piss you off with the government.


  1. A good vid - I've always liked Stossel... Only just discovered his blog feed:

    He posts quite frequently.

  2. Thanks for the blog feed Fleeced, it just doesn't get any better than Stossel.