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Jan 15, 2010

Massachusetts Senate seat looking good for Republicans.

Some time ago Steve Maloney from Pennsylvania mentioned the campaign of Scott Brown who is attempting to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Ted Kennedy. As I am attempting to concentrate on local issues to some degree I haven’t bothered to report on it but the guy has really impressed me with some of his performances.

Today I found an item on “Delaware Libertarian” strongly supporting him. What is really unusual about this is the fact that DL tends to be orientated more toward pure libertarian thought and for them to support a Republican is almost unheard of. For this to happen, Scott Brown has to be strongly aligned towards limited government, the sort of guy the Tea party movement would support.

“Gurgling” Dave Gergen, empty-suited establishment media gatekeeper, career presidential brown-noser, recent Obamaphile, and otherwise all around elitist jackass, gets put in his place with his hoity-toity attempt at a gotcha question, trying politically to exploit the memory of Senator Ted Kennedy against a Republican.

Shoved very skillfully and understatedly back up Gergen's ass (which to his mind, weighs a ton) is Gergen's typical DC inside-the-beltway elitist premise: that public seats of power belong to the personalities and the politicians who hold them (friends of Gergy, of course) rather than the people.

Gergens assertion that the seat is somehow the hereditary property of the Kennedy’s, is so incredibly banal and ridiculous as to defy belief, but that’s the modern media for you. While the seat was bought and paid for by Joe Kennedy’s moonshine profits, the people still have a say in who gets elected to it.

At this time Brown has closed to within two points of Democrat Coakley, well within the margin of error for the poll. The DNC campaign is now moving into negative scare tactics, and the Democrats are thinking of sending big names from the party to support her. It is difficult to imagine who they will send as from Obama down the political reps from the DNC are about as popular as a dose of clap. It would be nice to see Reid and Pelosi go there, as this would almost assure Brown of the seat.

The Obama factor has wilted with his popularity as voters have started feeling buyers remorse over their choice. It is therefore unlikely he can be used in the campaign except by Brown.

Meanwhile Radley Balco has published an article which indicates that Coakley is a right nasty piece of work in her attempts to deny defendants the right to question the providers of scientific evidence in their trials, many of whom have been proven to be in the tank for the prosecution who have paid them.


  1. As of 01/15/10 Brown has pulled ahead by 4 points. If he wins this, poor old Teddy will be sloshing in his grave.

  2. Thats great news, I'm really looking forward to this one.

    I doubt Teddy will be doing much at this stage, he's probably still too drunk to move much.

    I notice the lefties getting more bizarre with one claiming the other day that if Mary Jo were to peruse Teddy's career, she would probably think it was all worthwhile. Mary Jo herself was not available for comment.

    Perhaps it is worth speculating as to whether JFK on watching Teddy's career wouldn't have thought it would have a good idea to have got him to stand in for him on that Dallas trip.

  3. I get the impression that Brown is a lot more "moderate" than most tea-partiers/libertarians would like. I suspect the support is more to do with the fact that they realise they actually have a shot at taking it from the Dems.

    He does seem very competent though - compared to Coakley who is making gaffe after gaffe.

  4. Hi Fleeced, I didn't know you came over here.

    Brown has quite a lot going for him, probably the best is that he has somehow managed to cross the divide that prevents differently thinking 'conservatives from supporting him.

    The really important thing though is that if elected, he will be the 41st Republican vote in the Senate that breaks the 60 vote super-majority that allows legislation to go through without effective debate.

  5. Yeah, I drop by occasionally :)

    I read quite a lot of blogs actually, but mostly lurk.

    I hope he wins - it would be an amazing victory, and as you said, would kill the ObamaCare bill (even though he was previously for RomneyCare).

    There has been talk that even if Brown is elected, they'll try to delay his swearing in until after the vote, though Replican lawyers are already on the case, though I think if he wins, you'll also see a lot of Blue Dog Dems reconsider their position anyway.

    This could get interesting.

  6. They'll pull every dirty trick in the DCC songbook.

    I notice and ACORN are heavily involved, so my advice is for all the bereaved relatived to get out and vote as they will probably have a great chance of meeting their "dear departed" voting Democrat at the booths.