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Jun 8, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Western apologists.

There was an interview in “The Australian” with Ayaan Hirsi Ali which was an eye opener. Hirsi Ali who is one of the most articulate voices of Islam and therefore under threat of murder gave an interesting insight into the media with the following:

Greg Callaghan: In your new book, Nomad, you say that liberals in the West are far more uncomfortable condemning the ill treatment of women under Islam than conservatives. Why do you think this is so?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Liberals tend to think collectively about ethnicities, cultural groups and religion. Freedom of the individual tends to be a lesser notion. Thus a liberal might be more reluctant to interfere in the case of a Muslim father physically abusing his daughter out of some misplaced respect for cultural difference.

A conservative, being more concerned with individual rights – and perhaps less subject to political correctness – would be more inclined to speak out against the wrongdoing. Liberals too often fall back on the notion that governments can solve all problems and “rescue” people who have been told they are victims of the system. Rather than speak out against totalitarian practices under Islam, they shuffle their feet.

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  1. Although it is from last year, I think you may find this book review useful. The author comes from a Muslim perspective and reviews her works. The link is here ... it is good to hear other opinions and ideas.

    Hope you find it interesting.