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Jun 30, 2010

Wright; a turncoat racist.

As far as I am aware the white-sheeted Klukker of old seems, apart from perhaps a few isolated holdouts, to be consigned to the waste dump of time and common sense. This is not the end of racism, it is still out there and will probably remain so. All the laws in the world will not create a modicum of respect, reason, or any of the other things starry-eyed idealists hope for. Nor is racism confined to the white community.

The reverend Wright is a great example of the other side of the fence. Wright came to fame during the election of 08 with his ridiculous assertions of the US developing AIDS to kill off the black community, and so on, apart from his, God damn America,” remarks. He is back in the news again.

At a five day school taught at the Chicago Theological Seminary, he reportedly told those in the class they will never "be a brother to white folk," describing racial divisions in the country as entrenched. The civil rights movement "was always about becoming white," Wright said at the seminar. At another point, he said: "White folk done took this country. You're in their home and they're going to let you know it." 

Wright also claimed that the American education system is built to poorly educate black students "by malignant intent" and criticized civil rights leader Martin Luther King for advocating nonviolence, the Post reported.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense would be aware that things have changed coming into the modern era. The increasing number of minority faces in Congress, as well as professional life affirms it and I find it difficult to take Wright seriously if he is suggesting that it is not happening, hell one of his black former parishioners is President.

He is also well aware that the flaws in the education system, and there are plenty of them, are not restricted to minority Americans. There is a constant flow of criticism from all of the community about this problem. Home schooling is a growing phenomenon there because of dissatisfaction with the system.

It may be true that blacks are overrepresented among the poor and poorly educated, but the type of remarks being made by him are not going to help. The way to improve education for black kids is to press for meaningful improvements to the entire system; after all they in the main go to the same schools as white kids anyway.

Wright is not about improving the lot of African Americans, he is about creating and maintaining a divide between the races in a manner the Klan, Birchers and their ilk were never able to achieve. They might have succeeded had they not used force but encouraged the Wrights of the world to do it for them. His power base is the poor and dispossessed and he has no intention of relinquishing it by having them succeed in life.

The way for minorities to improve their condition is to engage with the community and take responsibility for themselves, not to create an artificial divide. There are a great many things that people can do to improve their lot, but separating themselves and being hostile are not among them. Those people who have succeeded are not Uncle Toms, class traitors, ‘house niggers’ or whatever else Wright has branded them in the past but good practical people who have understood that to succeed you have to work for it.

Followers of Wright will get nowhere, because with his guidance, they will always have a sense of defeat, and entitlement, and as such will always be second class citizens on the Democrat welfare plantation. The man is a traitor to those who trust him.

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