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Jun 22, 2010

“Stop the War on Land Owners, Home Owners and Shareholders.”

By Viv Forbes,

Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

Cartoon: By Zeg.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that the war on carbon was just another battle in the long war on property rights by populists in Parliament.

Speaking yesterday at the well attended annual meeting of Property Rights Australia in Emerald, the Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that Mark Twain was right – “No man’s life liberty or property is safe while parliament is sitting”.

He added:

“The war on property rights is always carried out under the spurious slogan of “the public interest”.

“It is always secretly serving a private interest.

“Mainly it is being used by politicians to buy votes from swinging voters or to attract green preferences.

“Currently ‘global warming’ and ‘carbon pollution’ are their preferred vote winners. As these scams are exposed as grubby schemes to serve private interests in the carbon trading and alternate energy industries, new slogans will be found.

“But always it will be an attack on the right of property owners to use and enjoy the security of their own property.

“Farmers have been robbed of their rights by bans on controlling woody weeds and regrowth on their properties. Seaside property values are being damaged by sudden changes in zoning laws and development plans using the excuse of possible sea level changes. Shareholders in mining companies have seen the value of their retirement funds slump under the threat of super taxes needed by the federal government to balance the books after the extravagant stimulus packages and roof insulation disasters. Real job opportunities for aboriginal people are destroyed by ‘Wild Rivers’ legislation. Fishermen are being deprived of the right to fish, and foresters are locked out of the forests.

“And at this moment many property rights are being trampled to force feed the unnatural growth of the wind, solar and natural gas industries, using various spurious climate excuses. Those whose assets are suffering include landowners, miners, tax payers, shareholders and electricity consumers.

Mr Forbes advised members of Property Rights Australia to focus on the real problem, which is in parliament.

“It is not other property owners such as miners, gas producers and native title claimants who are your main enemy – they too have bits of paper signed by politicians giving them rights which are often vague and, too often, overlap and degrade your property rights. These overlapping property rights are at the root of all discord between various classes of property owners.

“My advice to all land owners is “Know your rights, get good legal advice, negotiate hard with other conflicting property owners, but keep out of court battles with them – the only winners in that battle are the lawyers.

“Focus your legal weapons and court actions on government property invaders, and make sure your politicians feel the heat.

“And as the global warming scam is exposed, watch for their next excuse for grabbing control of your lives and property.

“There will be one – bio-diversity, sustainability, soil conservation, ocean acidity, saving something cuddly, energy conservation, or, most likely, all of the above.”


  1. Yes it is disgusting that people want a better, cleaner and fairer world for future generations at the expense of our mining,oil and and wood-chip billionaires.
    Mercy! lets tax the little people more, cut their wages, bring in more lower and unpaid foreign workers so the magnates can have bigger, better yachts, jets and waterfront mansions.
    Yaaaay! Vote for tony abbot all you uncle toms.

  2. Wow Abbie; you are really into those slogans this morning. May I suggest "Class enemies," its an oldie but a goodie, although I have never quite worked out what it is supposed to mean. It sounds dumb to me, but so is the other stuff you mention.

    It is really a terrible shame bastards like me consider our right to enjoy the fruits of our labour to be above your dreams of a 'better, cleaner, fairer world' and all that hopey, changey stuff.

    The issue is not, and has never been a better, cleaner, fairer world, they are just slogans to attract the unthinking to the impractical. The real issue on both sides of parliament is to get the hands of state into everybodys pockets, and decide everything for us.

    Collectivist ideology such as that of the Liberals and Labor have never led to economic prosperity, in fact the reverse. They will continue to pursue it in the belief that this time despite the lessons of history they will get it right. Lets face it, a hundred years of failure prove nothing.

  3. I just want to know who gets to define what's "better" and "fairer"? A guy named Stalin got to make all those judgment calls once and it didn't turn out very well for the little people, wages, taxes, the environment or the children.

  4. Yes Bawb; They are great terms politically because when they are heard they convey the listeners perception of the meaning of them. Kevvy loves them, he is all for better, fairer, a fair go, social justice, et al, and they sound great until you realise that his idea of the meaning might not be the same as yours.