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Aug 5, 2010

Cash for Clunkers from Top Gear.

This came from my mate Angry Exile.

I posted on this scheme a while ago when Gillard proposed it. It is apparently also in vogue in England, a dumb idea is sweeping the world. Here is the Top Gear boys take on it:

They make a great point about the waste of energy in an attempt to save fuel.


  1. The cash for clunkers scheme in the UK is now closed. As the TG trio said it was an idea of Peter Mandelson, aka the Mandelsnake, who was Mad Gordon Brown's secretary of state for getting in the way of every poor bastard trying to make a quid and tying them up with red tape (unelected as he sat in the House of Lords as an appointed peer). Actually to be fair to the Mandelsnake it had the fingerprints of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and some motor industry whiners all over it as well. Mandelsnake and Mad Gordon of Kirkcaldy sold the idea partly as a green initiative, because some people will probably eat babies if you tell them it helps Gaia, and partly as the UK's version of the Kevin Rudd giving everyone $900 of their taxes back. The scheme began over a year ago and was limited to £400 million of taxpayers' hard earned. In short, not only is it a stupid idea on several levels but our Julia is way behind the times with it. A sensible approach would be to look at the UK's experience with it with a critical eye, and that Julia Gillard has chosen to make it an election giveaway (which we'll eventually have to pay for anyway) speaks volumes.

  2. Behold the American car of the future, the 2012 Pelosi GTxi Sport Edition! You guys will love this.