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Aug 14, 2010

My new LDP website.

Image; The Liberal Democratic Party logo.

Owing to difficulties in getting media exposure in this election and the need to build a more solid base for the future I have decided to start a new site on the Ning social networking group Agmates. They have been around for a while and have a solid group involved, hosting a number of communities within it. The name may be a little disconcerting for some of my American readers, but we use the term liberal in a vastly different context here.

In Australia the authoritarian big government left have not been able to hijack the word as we have a party which started its life as a liberal party of sorts, called the Liberal Party. As they have become an authoritarian conservative big government party, those of us who have classical liberal leanings have had to form our own party, which we describe as moderate libertarian.

I have decided to take a relatively aggressive stance as I am finding that people here are thoroughly sick of nanny state policies from the major parties and are looking for something more attuned to individual freedom, which is one of the characteristics of real Australia. One of the joys of my work is that I spend a fair bit of time out in areas where the law and rules of the elites don't reach and people are real characters and can be themselves.

So, whats it like out there? Its not the world of mayhem and mass killings the state tells us we would degenerate into if they were not there to prevent it. Its a peaceful productive world, where people do their own thing and don't give a shit about rules other than don't piss your neighbour off, and generally just get on with their lives in line with their aspirations. Occasionally they come together in order to support common goals, like helping the flying doctor service, or the rural fire brigade.

And there are no bloody community organisers. Hell we just do that for ourselves. That is one of the many reasons we don't understand the US system. Just what the hell is a Community Organiser, and just why the hell do the Yanks need them? Seriously fellas if there is something a community needs, just call a meeting to toss it about, and if it is really important it will be done by you.

If I am unlucky enough to be elected, (Canberra is a miserable cold place) I have no vision of what we should become, other than free. Personally I feel that those who have their own 'vision for the Australian people' should be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail before they manage to do too much damage.

My message to Australia is, "Its OK to feel good about yourselves."


  1. By God, it is OK the feel good about yourself. I don't know what the whole white-guilt gleeful self-flagellation hate-your-country deal is with those who infest the media, the Yank leftist parties and the ivory towers. I agree with you. Kick back, put your feet up, have a brew, smell the roses, and feel great about being you.

    Then re-take and re-make the government back into a servant rather than a master of the people, and feel even better. We're working on it over here, too. The real public out here in "Fly-Over Country" (aka the Heartland) have had just about enough of the "elite" ruling class that thinks it has to answer to no one. Hell, we might as well be back under an English monarchy ala 1775 where we're at now.

    I was going to make a crack about hanging community organizers from lamp posts, but that would only make ME feel good.

  2. Thanks Bawb. I really have no idea what made me think of the "Its OK to feel ....," but it has a ring to it, which is probably an indication of how far we have sunk. That said, I feel better for having you recognise the feeling.

    Then re-take and re-make the government back into a servant rather than a master of the people, and feel even better.

    That is just what we want, lets put the bastards on a short leash. I might borrow a few of your tea partiers, it hasn't taken off here but I just love them. It would be great to have the tradition of liberty you guys were born with.

    Pushing these ideas here is a bit like Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and company trying to talk the pommies around to their views. But we are getting there.

    That flag up the top on the right hand side of the image is that of the Eureka rebellion. We have changed the colour as the original has become a symbol of the left, but the miners who stood against the redcoats, were free men with dreams of liberty and the current left would be an anathema to them. We are taking it back.

    The left these days would be encouraging the British. One of the best tributes to those guys was:

    Australia's national day should be December 3, the anniversary of the Eureka rebellion, 'the day that Australia set her teeth in the face of the British Lion'.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Is it true that the LDP preferenced Labor? I'm a libertarian and if that's true I simply won't ever vote for the LDP in the senate again.

    I'm sorry.

  4. Its not true Alex. The LNP were claiming that we did but the guy it came to me from was either illiterate as to how the system works or was deliberately misinforming people. He was at a pretty high level.

    We did split our preferences up in order to screw with their minds a bit, but the LNP was always ahead of Labor for the next position. When it first arose via a friend I was concerned enough to double check it with a couple of experts, and they were happy that Labor got nothing from us other than keeping them ahead of the Greens if it came down to that.

    I think that these bastards have a cheek to make this claim given that LNP preferences are putting Greens into seats ahead of the less dangerous Labor Party. I believe the LNP should go away and have a think about who the biggest threat is. Labor has a couple of members who are at least mildly rational, the Greens don't

    NO LDP preference helped a Green, LNP ones did on a number of occasions. They are bloody hypocrites.

  5. Just to clarify things a bit more Alex, as a libertarian I see neither Labor, nor LNP as friends. We supported the LNP because we felt that they had better policies on this occasion, probably by a margin of 55 - 45%.

    The LNP are conservatives not liberals, we are the only liberals in Australia. The principle they adopted of placing the Greens ahead of Labor is the most short sighted, blindly stupid act they have ever foisted on the electorate.

    Probably the best thing to come out of the election is the possibility that we may be lucky enough to have an unworkable government which while it lasts will not be able to do any more damage to us.

  6. Thanks Jim. Sorry if I seemed a bit terse. I will continue to vote for you guys in the Senate as I did yesterday.

    In a perfect world, I think the LDP would be governing Australia which is why I will vote for you. At the same time, I so badly wanted this government gone. At the end of the day, the way things are going now, while he might not be a libertarian, I think the country will be doing a lot better with Tony Abbott as PM (which I think a lot of libertarians would agree).