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Nov 16, 2010

Coal - Australia’s Industrial Heart.

By; Ronald Kitching

On 16th June 1924 General Sir John Monash, Chairman of SEC and designer of Victoria's first brown coal powered power house delivered Australia's cheapest and cleanest power to Melbourne.

The brown coal contains about 62% water, an ash content of about 2% and a sulphur content that is measured as a trace element only. The emissions contain no pollutants - they are steam and carbon dioxide.

Later, Premier Henry Bolte, a farmer, successfully canvassed industrial companies to establish their businesses in Victoria, as did another farmer Tom Playford, to establish industry in Adelaide in South Australia.

And so did another farmer and inventor Joh Bjelke Petersen actively promote industry in Queensland, all established on low cost coal driven power.

NSW industry too depends upon black coal driven power.

The anti-industrial Greens leader, Bob Brown says that the Yallourn Valley power houses are an environmental abomination and all coal driven power houses should be closed by 2020 or sooner.

Deputy Green Leader, Christine Milne on ABC T/V, assured the Nation that "....We want to see a carbon price as quickly as possible, because we want transformation of the whole economy and society."

The Labor/Green coalition is by their own admissions the anti-industrial and anti-productive occupiers of the Canberra Kremlin.

The great industrial benefactors from the past would be aghast at this job destroying turn of political events.

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