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Nov 28, 2010

Farage; Who the Hell do you think you are?

The European union reminds me of a skit on one of the comedy shows I saw years ago on the reunification of Germany. The faux news presenter announced it and quoted the German Chancellor as saying:

"We all welcome this momentous event, and now look forward to reuniting with Belgium, Holland, France, Poland, ..... ."

I recently mentioned the activities of Daniel Hannan, who is one of the more articulate opponents of the EU. Nigel Farage, a MEP from The United Kingdom Independence Party is also a great speaker and very popular. I am quite taken by the similarities in their oratorial style although Farage is a little rougher around the edges but still gets the message across.

If you like Hannan, but are inclined to think he holds back on his real feelings and should really say what he means, try this from Farage:

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