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Jan 8, 2011

Oleg Atbashian on Blogtalk Radio.

Illustration from Cracking the Obama Code: Don Quixote vs. the Windmill Owners.

It is somewhat ironic that one of the most articulate advocates for the free market or capitalist system in America today is a former Russian propaganda producer who saw the light and emigrated after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is sometime the case that those who grow up in a great system tend to take it for granted or simply fail to appreciate what they have. I have found it’s not uncommon to be having a great time in a great town, but hear the local would be intellectuals bitching about how dull it is.

Oleg is the owner of the satirical website “The Peoples Cube,” which is essentially faux Marxist and has been described as the Stalinist version of the Onion. He does however write some serious articles elsewhere. One that is well worth reading is, “Cracking the Obama Code: Don Quixote vs. the Windmill Owners.”

The following is an interview with Mark Gillar on Blogtalk Radio on his new book, “Shakedown Socialism.” It is just over an hour but seems a lot shorter than that and is well worth the listen:
Listen to internet radio with Mark Gillar on Blog Talk Radio

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