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Jan 31, 2011

Tom Cruise is a liberal but is this going too far?

The US has been critical of China in recent days over suspicions that they have stolen US technology to produce their J20 stealth fighter. Now footage has been shown on China’s state broadcaster, CCTV showing a training exercise in which the missile strikes come from the movie Top Gun.

From Wall St Journal:

Beijing has been very critical of news outlets using this sort of reporting when they get sprung. Some previous reports have criticized US congressmen citing The Onion and an X-ray image of Homer Simpsons head.


  1. Well, at least they didn't use Charlie Sheen and clips from "Hot Shots".

  2. Yes mate, that would be about equivalent to having Pelosi storming the Normandy beaches. I hope I am not giving the current administration ideas.

  3. it is a disgrace for cruise to wear a marine uniform and play the part of a hero in a movie'