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Dec 7, 2011

Bad Stuff Happens

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,

Cartoon: By Pickering.

The first climate scare was man-made “global warming”.

But the warming refused to appear as fast as the models predicted, so it became “climate change”.

But people were not stupid and soon were saying “but climate always changes”.

So now the climate scare industry is focussing on “extreme weather events”, and naturally they still claim these are caused by man-made carbon dioxide.

Timed beautifully for the meeting of the climatists in Durban, the UN IPCC has outdone themselves in forecasting extreme weather events – "weather on steroids". Determined to scare up a consensus in Durban, this weather scare is sprinkled with warnings of "diluvian rains", and droughts, cyclones, heat-waves of such magnitude or frequency that "settlement in some areas could be wiped out" and "some areas will become increasingly marginal as places to live" and "it is possible that many residents will have to relocate.''
Source (With thanks to CCNet):

Maybe they should be reminded that extreme weather events have been occurring as far back as earth history has been recorded. Here is a listing of "extreme events" over 1900 years, prepared by James Marusek: Check them out here:

Here is another list of droughts, fires, floods and disappearing or growing ice. It starts with a record of sea floods that drowned 100,000 people in Holland in 1481. See: 

Maybe "extreme weather events" are "normal" here on earth and man has very little to do with most of them. Someone needs to tell the pampered pontificators of the IPCC: "Bad Stuff Happens– get used to it, make appropriate preparations – you are not going to stop it."

A comment on extreme weather from the Soviet era:

"Soviet farm production was down again because of the 
23rd consecutive year of unusual drought."

Back to the Dark Ages

Many people missed our last newsletter. For some reason Bigpond is rejecting mail for many supporters with Bigpond addresses. We have made changes that we hope will solve this problem. You can read that newsletter here:

How to Get Expelled from School

Professor Ian Plimer has written a new book on climate change, a sequel to his best seller "Heaven and Earth". It is entitled "How to get expelled from school." Here is a Synopsis of the book:

The IPA is holding a book launch in several places. The details for the Brisbane event are:

• Date: Thursday 15 December 2011
• Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
• Venue: Brisbane Polo Club, Naldham House, 193 Mary St, Brisbane

At the launch, Ian will talk about his new book and the latest on the new 'Climategate' scandal. Entry is complimentary. Please feel free to bring friends and relatives. If you'd like to come please email Rachel Leigh at or call her on 03 9600 4744. Further details are here.

The Turd in the Swimming Pool.

Have you wondered what other countries think of Australia's carbon tax? 

Reproduced with thanks from Andy Semple


  1. The first climate scare was man-made “global warming”...

    Viv Forbes forgets global cooling. I was only a baby at the time but I can just remember my parents being slightly behind the curve and worrying about the imminent self inflicted ice age just as warble gloaming was supplanting it. I recall my dad saying something to the effect of he hadn't shat bricks like it since the Cuban Missile Crisis and was rather relieved to hear the weather was going to be a bit nicer.

  2. The first opion piece by Viv about the changing title for global warming/ climate change etc came under discussion on Steve Austins ABC radio program last everning. Look for the audio link on the following link.

  3. He hasn't forgotten it Angry, he has mentioned it in the past. On this occasion he is simply referring to this phase of the scare campaign.

    Thanks for that reference Dale. I am not sure whether they are correct in saying a Bush aid coined the 'climate change' phrase, but the climate frantics were all over it when the warming failed to concur with their predictions. For those looking this up, here is the link.