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Dec 2, 2011

Explosion at Iranian nuke facility not noticed there.

There are reports that for the second time in a month, there has been a massive explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility:

The explosion at Iran's third-largest city came as satellite images emerged of the damage caused by one at a military base outside Tehran two weeks ago that killed about 30 members of the Revolutionary Guard, including General Hassan Moghaddam, the head of the Iranian missile defence program. …

On Monday, Isfahan residents reported a blast that shook tower blocks in the city at about 2.40pm and seeing a cloud of smoke rising over the nuclear facility on the edge of the city.

"This caused damage to the facilities in Isfahan, particularly to the elements we believe were involved in storage of raw materials," said one military intelligence source.
There is a problem with this story, in that Tehran claims that there has been no explosion:
Iran went into frantic denial yesterday as news of the explosion at Isfahan emerged. Alireza Zaker-Isfahani, the city's governor, claimed that the blast had been caused by a military exercise in the area but state-owned agencies in Tehran soon removed this story and issued a government denial that any explosion had taken place at all.
While some cynics might suggest that the Iranian authorities are lying to cover up the truth, we at RWL are convinced by the propoganda current truth coming out of the White House, that such a suggestion is unseemly. Firstly the Religion of peace is involved, which means that every utterance is truthful, and secondly, if you can’t trust a government who can you trust?

So, explosion or no explosion? Fortunately we have extensive research facilities and were able to pinpoint the cause. The video below explains it all; the explosion occurred, but owing to unforeseen circumstances, it was not detected by authorities for one simple reason.

The Israeli’s have invented nitrowhisperine:

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