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Dec 13, 2011

Caution, these people are running the show.

The Matt Price moment is an ABC faux award in memory of a journalist who tended to take a humorous view of Australian politics. It highlights the humorous, ridiculous, and genuinely funny moments in the political year. It is worth mentioning in the interest of fairness, that Mary Jo Fisher who appears here suffers from depression and it has been suggested that her medication was out of whack, and Kevin Rudd was recovering from laryngitis.

It is a somewhat disturbing to think that they were the only ones here with an excuse. It should also be a sobering thought that we voted them in and they are running this country:


  1. Jeez, like we didn't already have enough reasons for despising Stephen Conroy without the fucker appearing on TV in a Collingwood jersey and singing that.

  2. Too true, but my vote would have gone to Katter, the only one he is likely to get from me.