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Apr 29, 2012

Global Warming induced home runs.

But is this stuff peer reviewed?

We are used to some of the more extreme claims of global warming frantics, such as 50 meter sea level rises, anthropogenic earthquakes and tidal waves, as well as the specter of global warming induced alien invasion.

The saner, more moderate elements tend to talk of simultaneous extreme droughts and floods, extreme heat waves, global warming induced freezing temperatures, and the need to let the government take control lest you all die miserable deaths from thirst, heatstroke, and drowning.

As baseball is not a popular sport in Australia we are unfamiliar with the name, Tim McCarver, so it is difficult to tell whether he is a commentator or climate scientist. He may just be moonlighting in the latter role, but has come up with the theory of global warming induced home runs:

… Tim McCarver said one of the stupidest things ever spoken on a television broadcast today, blaming global warming for "making the air thin" and thus leading to a rise in home runs.

Climate change, or in McCarver's words "climactic change," is the culprit (and not, say, steroids, the age of which McCarver insists is over) …
We are not certain whether this claim has been peer reviewed, so we wait with baited breath for the next IPCC report to find out.


  1. I actually hope this one is true, Jim. If "Climactic change" can do this for baseballs, imagine what it can do for bullets and ballistics. I figure I can shoot an antelope at 1000 meters with my .22 Rimfire this fall.

  2. Hell of a reduction in the cost of ammunition for you Bawb.

    You should consider taking the sights off your .308 and using them on your .22 to get the correct sight offset.