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Feb 18, 2013

Climate Change Minister puts the bite on LDP Executive for $10

Image Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet
Generally being a member of the national executive of a political party gives little reason for levity or frivolity, especially if it is not one of the major parties that get generous taxpayer funding.  Normally it’s just a hard slog with little other than extra work moderated by the occasional success, although usually small ones.
The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is one such party and has a policy on global warming/climate change or whatever the politically correct title is these days, that states that we are skeptical of government claims to have any competence to change the climate, especially for the better.  
It was therefore amusing to get an email from the Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet laying it on with a trowel over the fact that some Yank called Barack Obama had come out with a call to adopt the Australian government’s position that the climate can be fixed up with a tax.  Most government solutions involve taxes.  On top of that, he put the bite on me to donate ten dollars towards defeating Tony Abbott at the next election:
From:     Greg Combet <> 
Subject:    We're not alone on climate change 
Date:    13 February 2013 4:51:30 PM AEST 
To:     Jim  Fryar 
Dear Jim Fryar, 

Have you had the chance to catch up on President Obama’s State of the Union Address today? Here’s what he had to say on climate change.

President Obama called on Congress to put in place a market-based mechanism to deal with carbon emissions. 

That means President Obama is calling for a price on carbon. Just like we have here in Australia thanks to this Labor Government. 

From our experience, we know it won’t be easy and that the President will meet tough opposition. 

For years climate sceptics have argued the United States is not acting, so nor should Australia. Can you share this video and show them that’s not true?

The President also pointed out that China is going full steam ahead on moving to renewable energy sources and the United States has to do the same.

These shifts on the international stage make it more important than ever that Australia continues to act on climate change. We must not go backwards. 

You can check out some handy facts on China’s action on climate change by clicking here.


PS. Can you help us defend the carbon price from Tony Abbott by chipping in $10? We can't afford to fall behind the rest of the world on this issue.
Naturally, being a big hearted fellow and anxious to defeat Tony Abbott at the next election I am prepared to donate the ten dollars.  It will not be quite as Greg wants it to be; I will be giving it to the LDP, after all, they have a better chance of beating Abbott than Labor has.


  1. profoundly_disturbedFebruary 20, 2013 at 4:22 PM

    G'day mate

    I'll get me cheque book.

    Who's the Payee, AWU Workplace Reform Asscociation?

  2. Give him $10 worth of European carbon credits.