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Feb 11, 2013

It’s Summer, stupid, and it’s Usually Hot.

Ed note: This one was from about a month ago when it was fairly hot and before the current milder weather which surprisingly, the government has yet to claim the carbon tax is responsible for.

 By Viv Forbes, Chairman,
I noticed the ABC news trying to beat up a global warming scare story from the current central Australian heatwave. An old Alice Springs resident being interviewed spoilt the punch-line by remarking something like: “It’s summer, and it’s usually hot in summer.” A close look at historical data will show that the Australian heatwaves, droughts and bushfires of 100+ years ago were just as bad and worse than today.
Here in Rosevale, in South East Queensland, the highest temperature we have recorded in the last 22 years was 44.2 in the shade on our back landing on 12/1/2002.
Mike Williamson has had a look at the records from the nearby Amberley Airbase
And Jo Nova records some of the observations from the early explorers. (Thermometers exploding from excessive temperatures)
Finally, the UK Met Office admits there has probably been no global warming for sixteen years 
Climate will change naturally, as it always has; and occasionally we will get extreme weather, as we always have. 
Move along folks, nothing unusual to see here.

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