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Aug 24, 2013

Jim Fryar for senate in Western Australia for the LDP

The Liberal Democrats have chosen Jim Fryar (L) to stand as their lead Senate candidate in Western Australia in the imminent federal election.

Jim has over thirty years experience in mining and exploration and has gained a unique perspective on the nation, working in all areas from the hearts of cities to some of the remotest parts of the country, including extended time in the Pilbara and goldfields of Western Australia.

Mr. Fryar said that the three levels of government in Australia are out of control and all constantly pass rules and regulations that impact adversely on all of us as well as sucking up vast financial resource.
The mere fact that something is unregulated is now seen by the government as a reason to regulate it.  
From the time they register your birth, they inspect your toys, regulate your education, supervise your sports, set your working hours, register your occupation, tax your pay packet, license your marriage, medicate your water supply, broadcast your news, interfere with your children's upbringing, subsidise your competitors, resume your land, censor your entertainment, legislate your family arrangements, just to mention a few, and then tax everything that moves to pay for the administration of this.
When they finally drive you to drink they increase the excise on alcohol, claiming it is for the good of your health.  Wherever you go and whatever you do, the government and its associated killjoys are there to restrict you and extract a price.
The cost of this is borne on the backs of Australian taxpayers, especially in the resource rich states like Western Australia and Queensland, where the government watches economic activity with the same keen interest a locust displays towards a wheat field.
The Liberal Democrats is a party that will attempt to reduce the size, scope and cost of government in this country and the stifling effect of it has both on our economy and our personal freedom.  The federal government alone consumes around a quarter of GDP, which has a significant impact, including on household prices.
When you add to this, the depredations of state and local governments, the result is that we probably work for most of the first half of every year just to pay the cost of over-government. We reached the point where governments are acting with no restraint whatsoever and the Liberal Democrats intend to bring it back under control by limiting its functions to what is necessary, rather than anything it wants to do as at present.
“It makes me proud,” he said, “to stand with the Liberal Democrats in this endeavor.  All of us have had enough of elitists who think they know better than us how to run our lives.


  1. Good on yer Jim!

    Very best wishes.

    I know you will do well.

    Get elected!!


  2. Thanks Captain.

    One or two of our number crunchers seem to think I am in with a chance but a lot will depend on a decent primary vote - 3%+ and a reasonable flow of preferences. That in turn will depend on the smaller parties we have deals with falling by the wayside before me.

    In the last election I got 2.25% and held on to be the fifth last to be knocked out, while our NSW ticket got the same and just missed out on the final place there.

  3. profoundly_disturbedAugust 28, 2013 at 8:59 PM

    G'day Jim

    You'll get my vote, but be warned, I'll be on your case if you leave the path! Having had to put with the current bunch of bastards I'm more than a little jaded.

    CR, are you sitting comfortably yet?

  4. profoundly_disturbedAugust 28, 2013 at 9:04 PM


    Just a thought, if you're in Perth tomorrow (Thursday) come and have a feed with me and a few mates, you just might make some new ones!

  5. I wish I could get there but can't at present.

    I'm not going to leave the path old mate, I have been doing libertarian politics since the Progress Party back in the 70s and am committed. Most of us in fact, don't really want to be politicians but have to put our hands up in order to have someone there.

    Its always been the same with us. Back in the PP days you had to make damn sure you attended every meeting prior to an election or the pricks would gang up and make you the candidate.

    That's how I ended up standing against Bob Katter's father in the 80s. I did reasonably well, pulled around 3,000 votes and he only snuck back in by 31,000.

  6. Ps PD, I tried out a press release to some of the papers over there on high speed rail (see post). If you happen to see it printed can you let me know? I'm probably being a bit optimistic though.