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Aug 13, 2013

Labor candidate disendorsed for abuse of wheelchair bound woman

Cartoon: By Paul Zanetti 
Irony seems to be lost on Kevin Rudd.  He has demanded the resignation of the candidate for Hotham after allegations surfaced that he had verbally abused a woman in a wheelchair some years ago when he was mayor of Monash.
In a blow to the Prime Minister's campaign, Mr Lake has admitted he offered a signed apology to fellow Monash councillor Kathy Magee over a 2002 exchange. 
"I leant over to Councillor Magee and ... said, "I can't believe what you did you f------ bitch. You are a f ------ for doing that", Mr Lake confirms in papers. 
Documents lodged with the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission included an admission that his conduct had been "demeaning and degrading", and offensive to women.Mr Lake said he deeply regretted his remarks. "It was 'slut' or 'bitch'. It was inappropriate," he told the Herald Sun. … 
In a signed apology brokered by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission in 2002, Mr Lake wrote: "I privately spoke and behaved towards Councillor Magee in a way that was demeaning and degrading and could be particularly offensive to females. 
''I acknowledge that my comments were totally inappropriate and I apologise.” Contacted by the Herald Sun, Mr Lake said: "If I had used any word other than 'slut' this would not be an issue.” 
Asked if it would have been a problem if he had called her a "f------ bitch", Mr Lake conceded it would.
Our Kevvie is probably correct to make such a call.  After all, a guy that would abuse a wheelchair bound woman could go on to abusing flight attendants who serve a meal that is not up to his epicurean tastes in taxpayer provided nosh.  Something like he did when in Rudd#1 mode: 
Mr Rudd, who had attended the Pacific Islands Forum, was told by the 23-year-old flight attendant that his request for a "special" meal - he is on a meat-free diet - could not be met.Sources said the PM reacted "strongly" and a heated exchange followed. 
The attendant burst into tears and reported the matter to the senior cabin attendant.  She later composed herself and continued with the in-flight service. "The crew were distressed but later in flight apologies were made by all," the report says.  
But when he was asked about the incident at the conclusion of the G20 summit in the British capital today, Mr Rudd said he did not "observe" any tears over the matter. "As I recall it, there was a flight, I think from Port Moresby, and I had a discussion with, I think, one of the attendants on the provision of food. It didn't last very long and if anyone was offended by that, including the attendant concerned, of course, I apologise," Mr Rudd said. 
 Mr Rudd said that as he recalled, he told a member of the crew not to worry about the language he had used.  "I said to the member of staff not to worry about it," Mr Rudd said
There is a definite probability that a 22YO who calls a disabled woman a F…ing bitch, and a similar type of slut, might go on to emulate the prime minister in the future, causing major embarrassment for the party.

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