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Sep 30, 2013

Caution with satire, they might take you seriously; Shorten did

In my previous post, I quoted an article in the Business Spectator in which Labor leadership contender (for want of a better word), Bill Shorten was calling for ethnic quotas to ensure that Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders were represented in parliament. 
Indigenous Australians already have a number of passionate and articulate advocates, such as Warren Mundine and Noel Pearson who would make great MPs in their own right and could get there on their own ability should they wish to go there.  But then, Labor prefers a sense of entitlement to ability every time.
Just for a bit of fun, and to take the piss out of Bill, I decided to play around with other minorities that could also have quotas attached to them for representation.  Among them were gay, lesbian, transgender, and a number of immigrant and religious groups. 
Now, today I find that Shorten is advocating quotas for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. 
Labor leadership candidate Bill Shorten wants to introduce quotas to boost the number of gay and lesbian politicians in Parliament.
Mr Shorten is continuing his pitch to the party membership, sending out a manifesto that calls for the introduction of quotas for politicians representing minority groups.  He says the party should consider quotas for Indigenous Australians and the lesbian, gay, bixsexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community. 
Neil Fharaoh, the national convenor of Rainbow Labor, which represents the party's LGBTI members, says it is a step forward.  "The LGBTI community has been underrepresented, particularly in political seats, both at a state and federal level in Australia," he said. 
"There's probably only 12 gay and lesbian identifying politicians across the country and probably not too much more in the history and its definitely underrepresentative.  "So we'd welcome any moves to increase the representation in politics.”
Labor is proving once again it is beyond satire.  I now have to hope that he didn't read my post, and get the idea from me.

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