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Sep 20, 2013

Tim Flannery sacked

Cartoon: by Pickering 
‘Climate Commissioner’ Tim Flannery, one of the most hysterical and hyperbolic warmists in the country, has been sacked from his plumb position and   his Climate commission abolished: 
THE Climate Commission has been scrapped and billions of dollars in renewable energy funding effectively frozen as the Abbott government moved swiftly to wind back Australia's climate change response, as promised. 
Outgoing chief commissioner Tim Flannery, who was told yesterday morning he had lost his $180,000-a-year, part-time role, said abolishing the publicly funded body was "the government's prerogative" but he would not be silenced. 
"I intend to continue working to make sure that the Australian public has all the information it requires in order to engage with this issue and understand what needs to be done," he said. 
New Environment Minister Greg Hunt phoned Professor Flannery yesterday morning to deliver the news in what was described as a "civil discussion". 
The decision to terminate the commission, created by then prime minister Julia Gillard in early 2011 to explain to the public climate change and the need for carbon pricing, comes one week ahead of the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change updated report on the state of climate science. 
The imminent report has sparked lively international debate about how it would deal with an extended pause in average global surface temperatures and why the predictions of many climate models have not been matched by the physical evidence. 
Professor Flannery said he had not seen the IPCC report and would not comment until he had had time to analyse it.
Flannery has a reputation for being wrong 100% of the time on his many and varied predictions on climate.  Unless there is credible evidence that the Arctic is currently ice free, that’s the starter.
Then there was the one about Australia’s climate already being one of never ending drought.  This was screwed by the record rainfalls of the last summer along with the one about what little rain fell would not fill the dams.
Tim had in some way recognized the fact that his predictions were totally wrong by buying a waterfrount property despite his assertion that sea levels were going to rise by massive amounts.
Good bye Tim, and good riddance. 

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