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Sep 9, 2013

David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democrat senator NSW interview

Our new libertarian senator from New South Wales is getting a hell of a lot of attention from the media, having come from under the radar into the limelight He has acquitted himself brilliantly and when compared with all of the new members comes across as intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate with a good grasp of the policy issues. While many of the interviewers only concentrate on the gun issue, on which they try unsuccessfully to trip him up, here is one in the general interest category:


 The media concentration on gun rights is a boon to the cause of liberalising our draconian gun laws, as our policy is the most liberal (in the Aussie, not the American sense) in the nation, and is finding the voice of conviction and common sense supporting it. We have already had numerous calls from shooting enthusiasts who would normally join the Shooters and Fishers, wanting to join us.

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