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Dec 30, 2013

Global warming induced asteroid fly-bys

One of the great things about the end of the year is the tendency of the media to do their nostalgia pieces on the year that was. While most of them are rubbish, there are some gems among them, especially the ones that deal with the sillier parts, and in particular, the more absurd claims of global warming frantics.

Even better and more idiotic than that, are the efforts of the liberal media ‘sophisticates’ who are ever anxious to show off their belief in the new trendy GW religion, with claims that everything bad is GW related.

Deborah Feyerick makes the effort here with a question of the ‘weather guy’ Bill Nye, about an asteroid fly by and whether it might be induced by climate change:

 This is somewhat like some of the movie scenes where the piss is taken from media anchors, except you just can’t make this stuff up. Note the deliciously threatening ‘only fifteen minutes from disaster’ statement from Nye.

 Warnings of near earth fly bys gives NASA a reason to feel relevant and scientists a source of government money to ‘study’ this phenomenon with an eye to finding a defense mechanism. This in turn gives the government a chance to appear to be doing something about it.

 The best chance we have at present seems to be Bruce Willis in his role in ‘Armageddon’ where he destroyed one, however thirty years in the drilling industry has made me a little skeptical of that possibility.

 The most you can hope for otherwise is that the good people of NASA will either not find an earth destroying asteroid, or if they do, will be able to issue you with a warning in time to give you the opportunity to kiss your arse goodbye.

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