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Dec 14, 2013

Piers Morgan to get his head smashed, and its legal

Image: Mitchell Johnson bowling.

Non-liberal Americans should be in for a treat if they tune in to the Fourth Test of the Ashes series against the Poms in Melbourne, played from Boxing Day through to the 30th of December.  After criticizing the English batsmen during the Adelaide test, serial blowhard Piers Morgan has accepted a challenge to face retired fast bowler, Brett Lee in the nets during the game.
The initial challenge was for him to face frontline quick, Mitchell Johnson, however Brett Lee who was a 100 MPH bowler in his day has issued a challenge which has been accepted: 
 England's batsmen have had all sorts of drama facing Mitchell Johnson but one of their cocky countrymen reckons he'd be up to the task. Piers Morgan, the former Fleet Street editor who is now a CNN talkshow host, may have bitten off more than he can chew by boasting about his ability to front up to express bowling. 
Morgan, a cricket tragic, said on Twitter on Sunday he would love to face Johnson and ''wouldn't back away'', imploring England's batsmen to ''grow a pair''. 
He won't have to face the frightening Australian left-armer but his social media skiting is set to lob him in the nets facing Brett Lee [Right]. The former Test quick challenged Morgan to front up against him at the MCG and Morgan has accepted. 
''Absolutely no way will Piers Morgan get in the nets,'' a sceptical Shane Warne said. ''He hasn't got the courage. He's all talk.'' 
Morgan, however, is not backing down. ''Oh, I've got the courage all right,'' he tweeted to Warne. ''Get down the nets in Melbourne yourself, and I'll hammer you, too. I've faced 90mph regularly in my net from a bowling machine. Never backed away. ...
It is to be hoped that Morgan stays true to form and bad-mouths Lee prior to the event, which should improve Lee’s speed and accuracy.  Watch for Morgan’s head and body being peppered.
Interestingly, cricket commentators had to explain to audiences who Morgan was as he is virtually unknown here.  A few who followed the Levinson Inquiry into phone hacking know him as the guy who was accused of unreliable testimony there, and Top Gear fans recognize him as the person who was punched out by Jeremy Clarkson.

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