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Dec 16, 2013

The Gore effect rules

Cartoon: By Glenn McCoy 
The “Gore effect” is an amusing phenomenon (at least to climate rationalists), which seems to bring record cold weather, sleet, ice, hail, and extreme discomfort to GW frantics during events where Al Gore is present, or are called to discuss ‘dangerous’ global warming.  ‘Respectable’ or government-financed scientists dismiss it as just a hell of a lot of unfortunate coincidences.
Climate Depot has a list of events affected by it here. 
Now the weather is once again taking the piss during a conference in California by the American Geophysical Union.  The event during which many aspects of Global warming were discussed, was marred by records being smashed for low temperatures: 
… In a classic case of the Gore Effect, these global warming presentations occurred in a month seeing record cold in the city of San Francisco. Temperatures in San José fell to a record-shattering 30 degrees Fahrenheit--so low that it has caused deaths by hypothermia in the area. The cold also caused serious issues with black ice on roads, not something with which the usual Bay Area driver must contend. The cold weather was not limited to the Bay Area, however. Over 2,000 temperature records were shattered nationwide. 
The scientific community has faced increased problems in explaining the slowing of the global warming trend in the past several years when their numbers appeared to have predicted a much steadier increase. Even reports by the IPCC--a group present at the AGU conference--demonstrate that the globe failed to reach the temperatures expected due to carbon dioxide emissions this year, as well as how the benefits of an increase in plant life and crops from a steadying warming trend would outweigh the harm of climate change. Some studies have even speculated that humans have a much smaller impact on climate change than previously believed. 
The reality of such cold temperatures amid calls of potential disturbances thanks to record heat are certainly not ideal for climate scientists. However, what these record cold temperatures mean for climate change theorists is yet to be seen. Given that they occurred during this year's AGU meeting, we might expect a study by the fall meeting in 2014 that attempts to explain this precipitous temperature drop in the context of larger-scale climate change. …

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