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Apr 28, 2014

ABC; keeping it classy

Several months ago, the public broadcaster and left wing shill, the ABC demonstrated both its class and its idea of how to deal with critics with the photo shopped image of News Ltd commentator, Chris Kenny (Right)
Kenny’s complaint was handled by the ABC’s Audience & Consumer Affairs division, which unsurprisingly came up with the following dismissal:
“A&CA’s assessment is that the skit was likely to offend but the segment was justified by the editorial context.  While strong in nature it was consistent with the Chaser styleone very familiar to its target audience.”
The ABC managing director Mark Scott has been dragged kicking and screaming into an apology after Kenny was granted the right to sue for defamation.
For the benefit of overseas readers, the ABC’s Q&A program is our equivalent of ‘The View’ except it has a varying panel consisting of one rightie up against four lefties and the leftist moderator. When they wish to be really cynical, they have Malcolm Turnbull as the rightie.
Tim Blair informs us that tonight we are in for a real treat with obscure, but foul mouthed playwright Van Badham on the panel:
THE ABC has defended the decision by its Q & A chat program to invite little-known playwright and anarchist Van Badham on to Monday night’s show. 
The ABC will also pay for her flights and accommodation. 
Badham’s Twitter account features obscene attacks on various politicians, including Prime Minister Tony Abbott (‘‘a lying sexist c ...”), former PM Kevin Rudd (“the c ... that caused all these f ... ing problems”), Environment Minister Greg Hunt (“an insult to the word c ...”) and the entire 2013 Labor caucus (“let me into that caucus room to kick the sh.. out of the dumb c ... rags in there”). 
Q & A producer Peter McEvoy said his show “aims to provide a platform for as wide a variety of views as possible’’. 
“The point ... is to generate an informed, civil discussion ... By necessity this means some guests will have views others might object to,” he said.
In Douglas Adams book, Life, the Universe and Everything, there is mention of The Rory Award, which is given for category: "The Most Gratuitous Use Of The Word 'Fuck' in A Serious Screenplay".
He possibly came up with the idea for this while watching the ABC.

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