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May 7, 2014

Packer, Gyngell revisit Bridget Jones Diary, cops get involved

 Image (L): courtesy, News Ltd
In Australia we are still trying to find out what happened elsewhere in the world after a bit of a blue in Bondi took all of the press’s attention for the day.  Our third richest man, James Packer and Nine CEO David Gyngell decided to settle their differences in the tried and tested Aussie manner with a punch up in front of Packer’s home.
While most of the population regarded the whole thing as a bit of a joke, the ABC was able to find a suitable list of sooks and the self-righteous who found it deeply disturbing.  This includes one idiot who fretted about it “harming Australia’s reputation as being sort of the Wild West for business.”
There is some suggestion of corporate fallout from it, but both seemed to put up a decent show so shareholders can be pretty confident as to the ability of their respective men.
Probably the thing Bruce Gyngell should take away from the event is that if you have a big bloke like Packer really pissed off with you, it’s a bad idea to park across his driveway.
The New South Wales police have decided to get involved, despite reports that neither combatant has laid a complaint.  This seems to indicate that the state has no actual crimes to deal with, or its police have less of a sense of humour than those in Queensland.
It seems totally illogical for law enforcement to waste its time trying to find something to charge someone with when no harm was done apart from the odd black eye, bruises, and a few lacerations.  The fight seems to have been a consensual act between two adults, both of whom seemed to want to do it.
Nobody else was hurt unless one of the minders who dragged them apart strained a muscle, so the police should but out.


  1. I've always regretted the demise of the practice of dueling. As Robert Heinlein once pointed out, it would make for very good manners and an extremely polite society. I was about to say that a good fisticuffs would also be a great way for world leaders to settle their differences without sending thousands of young soldiers to die.

    But then I had visions of Obama flailing away in a limp-wristed manner and getting his scrawny little ass kicked by leaders with more guts and balls, say Maggie Thatcher or Indira Gandhi...hell, even the likes of Neville Chamberlain; never mind Putin...on live television.

  2. Yes Bawb;even though those three are dead, their ghosts could still do him. I wouldn't have been too confident about Kevin Rudd up against him, he was a total wimp but bullied his staff. Abbott on the other hand boxed in his younger days, and Julie Bishop has her stare of death which would probably scare the hell out of him.