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Nov 20, 2007


Photo; LDP stand at Brisbane gun show, note the sign - Gun Control, its not about guns, its about control - really says it all.

I have mentioned the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP) on a number of occasions and believe that they probably have presented one of the most positive images in the current election campaign. I really like the following: -

The LDP is the only political party in Australia that supports the right to vote.

“Every other party believes voting is an obligation. Every other political party wants to take away your right to choose and force you to vote,” insisted John Humphreys, Queensland Senate candidate for the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP).

“If the government forces us to do something, it is not a right. Nobody refers to the ‘right to pay tax’ or the ‘right to obey the law’. These things are requirements. But voting in a free society should not be a legally enforced obligation, it should be a right. That is the LDP position.
“Compulsory voting takes away choice and also undermines our democracy.

The tone has that common sense, no argument, this is right aspect to it. This is the tone of people who intend to just get on with it. Below are a few Quotes from press releases that I quite like.

"The federal government is carrying on like a great big poker machine. We put in our taxes week in, week out and every few years we hope to hit the jackpot and all this gold might come tumbling our way. And just like a poker machine we all lose over the long haul. The only real difference is that you have a choice about whether you put your money into a real poker machine but you don't have any choice when it comes to filling the government coffers with cash" said Terje Petersen of the LDP.

The Liberty & Democracy Party (LDP) today called for the removal of legislation banning a nuclear power industry within Australia.

LDP candidate for the House of Representatives seat of Page, Benj Beatty, said, “For too many years now, successive Governments have unnecessarily interfered with the power generation industry, resulting in the grossly distorted energy market we are lumbered with today.”

“It’s time to let the Australian people actually make the decision on nuclear power, by removing legislative blocks and allowing a properly functioning market to return.”

The Greens support high taxes and merely disagree with Liberal and Labor about how the money should be spent. It's a lot different.

“Every other political party has an unhealthy interest in our sex lives. The LDP is committed to getting John Howard and Kevin Rudd out of our bedrooms,” claims John Humphreys, the Queensland Senate candidate for the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP).

“The major parties have caused the so-called ‘housing crisis’ and now they are promising to waste more taxpayers' money trying to fix it," claimed John Humphreys, Queensland Senate candidate for the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP).

"The solution is actually very simple. The government needs to get out of the way," he said.

“High house prices are caused by the government holding down supply through high taxes and overly strict planning laws. If the government simply got out of the way there would be significantly more supply and that would put downward pressure on house prices.

“This is very simple economics and a very simple solution. But sometimes the simple solutions are the best.

“All the major parties want you to be scared of global warming so that they can sell their snake-oil solution. The LDP doesn’t believe in basing policy on fear campaigns and would prefer Australia to take a more calculated approach to climate change policy,” said John Humphreys, Queensland Senate candidate for the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP).

“Fear is the life blood of governments. Nothing builds public support for government programs more effectively than the idea that life is not safe.

“The usefulness of fear has been well understood by politicians for a long time. We fear second hand smoke, so we give up the rights of private property owners to make their own rules. The fear of head injuries was used to make bicycle helmets compulsory. The fear of guns led to excessively strict gun laws. The fear of terrorism was used to justify the authoritarian ASIO Act.

“And now we have the new grand fear campaign: the fear of carbon," Mr Humphreys said.

“The Greens have called for a ban on fast food advertising to protect the health of our children. If banning things really was the answer to our problems then we would be better off banning the Greens,” said John Humphreys, Queensland Senate candidate for the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP).

“Banning things is not the solution. The LDP does not believe in censorship or government control over advertising and we absolutely support free speech in all its forms.

“The Greens advocate policies that would harm millions of Australians, create unemployment and lower incomes. But we would never seriously call for them to be banned. Perhaps their policies should come with a health warning, but in a free country people should be free to say whatever they like, even if it is wrong, rude or stupid.

I haven't felt this good about a political party in about 30 years.

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  1. Wow! The LDP sounds just like my kind of party. I wish we had one here.