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Nov 18, 2007

“Put the Carbon Killers Last”.

By Viv Forbes.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on voters to put the Greens and the ALP last on their ballot papers, with most government candidates just above them.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that he had listened with alarm and disbelief to the increasingly hysterical statements from the Greens and their copy cats in the opposition and the government.

“The Greens would like a carbon free world. We hope they volunteer themselves first in this suicidal ambition.

“Carbon is the essence of life and carbon dioxide is the gas which recycles the essence of life. These carbon killers would have us bury the gas of life in carbon cemeteries.

“However, despite the increasingly lurid horror stories being concocted regularly by the IPCC, it remains a fact that there is no evidence that man-made carbon dioxide is the key driver of world temperature.

“As a sacrifice to the Greenhouse religion, the ALP has just announced a silly, costly and unnecessary scheme to dictate the share of future energy supplies coming from so-called “alternative energy”.

“Alternative energy has always played a useful part in Australia’s energy mix, and the booming prices for oil, coal and uranium will ensure that this process accelerates.

“Alternative energy was not discovered by Bob Brown.

“Kangaroos running on grass power provided most of the energy needs for the aboriginal people for thousands of years. Then wind power, pushing the sailing clippers, brought the first Europeans to Australia and provided the first transport for our world trade. Cobb and Co coaches used horses running on hay and grain energy to create a huge land transport network in Australia. This provided a mail and passenger service better than the Government railways provide today. Then in the hungry thirties, rabbits and jumbucks running on grass power provided energy for many a swagman. Even today, millions of windmills, wood stoves, camp ovens and solar hot water systems are providing decentralised energy to outback Australia, and hydro-electricity still powers many city homes.

“However, to advocate the closing of all coal power stations (Greens) or just 20% of them by 2020 (ALP), is just too silly for words, and could only be done at great cost to every Australian consumer.

“Nature has already taken out Victoria’s biggest power station at Yallourn, and the Greens have invaded and called for closure of the huge Munmorah Power Station in NSW. If the drought causes any more cutbacks in Queensland’s generating capacity, we may soon experience a carbon free future as the power grid fails during the next heat wave. Or suburbia may find how little energy comes from solar panels and windmills on a freezing, still winter night.

“Carbon Sense is also opposed to the silly and unnecessary carbon caps and emission trading dreams of the Government, but of all the policies designed to prevent the sky from falling, this is the least silly. It will at least minimise the cost of killing carbon.

“It seems that only a few mavericks on the government side in parliament and some minor party and independent candidates are game to brave the abuse they would receive if they questioned the Greenhouse religion.

“We recommend that voters use the power of preferential voting to rank every one of them. Number every square. Put anyone who defends the gas of life first and the carbon killers last.”

Viv Forbes
The Carbon Sense Coalition

Disclosure of Interest:
Viv Forbes earns income from three carbon emitting industries - coal, cattle and sheep. He nurtures native grasslands. He hates frosts, droughts and starving stock. He also uses cement, steel and electricity, buys diesel for his tractor, petrol for his car and gas for his barby. He uses trains and occasionally boards an aeroplane. He eats carbon based foods, pays taxes and uses government services funded by taxes on the carbon industries. All of these industries and services will be harmed by carbon taxes, emissions trading or carbon sequestration. He is also a scientist, investment analyst, computer modeller and political analyst. Like the great majority of Australians, he has a big vested interest in the outcome of this historic debate.

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  1. We could do with a Viv Forbes here in Oregon where the Greenies have totally run amok.