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Nov 24, 2007

The Polls Have Closed.

Photo; John Howard at the polls, There were better photos but I quite like the little sweety he is cuddeling.

 Well its all over, the spruikers, the how to vote people, and the voters have gone home, and the counters and scrutineers have taken over and it is now in the lap of the gods. 

Last nights late news indicated that there has been a late swing to the government and that they were nearly level with the opposition, I hope they can make it.

I have my fingers crossed, for Terje Petersen, the LDP senate candidate for New South Wales who has done some really good preference swaps with other minor parties (there are heaps of them) and as result has a fairly reasonable chance if he can pull enough primary votes to be ahead when preferences are allocated.

Ironically one group, the Shooters Party refused to support us despite the fact we are the only non-single issue party that supports gun rights. The only other one to back them are the Fishing Party.

We had one of their supporters trolling our website telling us that we should disendorse one of our candidates who is gay or shooters would not vote for us. He asked me if we would sooner have a chance of winning without Shem, or loose with him. I replied that if we sacrificed our principles to win we would not deserve to do so.

I don't think many shooters would think like this so I am hoping for some drift of preferences from them.

Anyway I shall post some results later as they start to show trends. They probably won't be like this which came from a supporter: -

Early Shock Results!

LDP swept into government in a landslide!

Labor, Liberals and Greens relegated to oblivion!

LDP revises Australia’s statute law and repeals any act that bears against the liberty and property of the subject. 80 percent of laws repealed! Housing, groceries and child care suddenly become more affordable for working families! Environmental quality improves when relieved from the fat farty arse of government bureacracies! Hooray! The people cheer in the streets!

 The socialists admit what a crackpot of deluded fuckwits they were all along! Free sex and poly-amory breaks out all over the place as LDP suporters are showered in kisses by beautiful young ladies without any clothes on!


As I write Kevin Rudd is claiming victory over John Howard, and by a substantial margin, I thought it would be closer.

It looks like John Howard will in fact loose his seat, which owing to a redistribution was very marginal. He had the option of standing for a safer seat, but declined to do so. He tended to be a man of principle and a fighter, not always the right principles, or for the right things but he believed in what he was doing even when he was wrong.

The bad news for me was that the electorate became rather polarized and as result the minor parties proportion of the vote fell. As this is our first election and with novice candidates, we should not be disappointed but settle down and learn from it.

There will be state elections coming up, so we can get more practice.


  1. This is disappointing.

    I don't really understand your system. It sounds rather complicated. Don't all those little single-issue parties (Shooters Party? Fishing Party?) make it harder for one party to gain a majority?

  2. We have the House of representatives and the senate, the reps are voted for from electorates of reasonably equal population throughout the nation.

    The senate are sometimes referred to as the states house, all states having an equal number of senators.

    The trick is that we have a preferential system of voting, so that people vote for the candidate of their choice, then 2,3,4,etc in order of preference for the other candidates.

    To win a reps seat a candidate must get an absolute majority of all votes cast in his seat after the allocation of preferences. Where a candidate fails to gain a majority in his own right, at the end of the primary count the the 2nd preferences of candidate with the lowest number of votes are allocated, and so on until a 'Two Party preferred' win.

    While it is complicated it allows minor parties to stand without being simply rejected as having no chance.

    For example if you had it your Libertarian party votes could go to the Republican Party if their members chose to allocate their individual votes that way.

  3. Patrick This will let you check out any results.