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Nov 27, 2007

Pro Choice, But only one choice

I heard about this from Patrick, over at Born Again Redneck, he always finds the best stuff before I do.

GP may be struck off for her 'think twice' plea to abortion patients:

A family doctor faces being struck off for daring to suggest to women seeking an abortion that they should think twice.

Dr Tammie Downes says at least eight grateful mothers have children today which they would have terminated until she asked them to consider the consequences.

But Dr Downes, 36, is now being investigated by the General Medical Council for a possible breach of ethical guidelines.

If charged and found guilty of professional misconduct, she could be removed from the medical register and forced from her job.

The GMC, which regulates doctors, is understood to have received a complaint from another doctor who claims Dr Downes is promoting her anti-abortion views to patients.

Doctors must not allow personal opinions to affect their advice.

The complaint stems from an interview Dr Downes, a GP in the West Country, gave to the Daily Mail in May in which she described how she talked to women wanting an abortion about having the baby instead.

The investigation could become a pivotal test case in the battle between pro-life campaigners such as Dr Downes and advocates of pro-choice such as the Liberal Democrat MP Dr Evan Harris - known as 'Dr Death' for his strong views on abortion and euthanasia.

There seem to be a few 'Dr Deaths', we have two in Australia. The first is Dr Jayant Patel, who is being extradited to face manslaughter charges over his efforts at Bundaberg Base Hospital. (Someone forgot to check his credentials before giving him the job.) Oh well, who said a socialized medical system was perfect. Oops.
The second is of course none other than Kevin Rudd, who gained the title for his efforts when in the Queensland public service where he successfully shut down 2200 hospital beds. Kevy has a bit of a thing about the hospital system which failed to save his father who crashed his car while drink driving.

More can be found on this on Bovination, which is a site I thoroughly recommend. The Guy 'Strawman' seems to get his cynicism just right. Try this.

This Dr Death however is a politician who strongly favores abortion and euthanasia and is determined to let nobody get in the way of his crusade. His current cause is to allow nurses to carry them out without a doctor being present.

Would anyone like to take bets on how fair an investigation into professional misconduct will be, when it is no longer a matter of whether she has in fact erred, but a matter of political correctness and policy.

Pro choice people have the same rights as everyone else in promoting their views, however in Britain it seems that there are heavy penalties including destruction of careers, for anyone who goes against that view. In other words if you are female and decide to have an abortion there, these people own you.

They are 'pro choice' but only if it is there choice. All this woman did was inform her patients and give them time to consider their choices.

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