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Jul 18, 2008

Gung Hobama.

I have checked the Obama WTF site (which lists verified lies by him) and can’t find this one so the list seems to be expanding, so maybe we now have 73.

It amazes me that the guy seems to think he will not be caught, but then again the press seem generally reluctant to publicize it so maybe he is right in this. He seems to say whatever suits him at any given moment, then when it doesn’t suit him any more he has another story in the starting blocks ready to go, and denies he ever said what went before.

He has now sanitized his website of his ‘opposed the Iraq war from the beginning’ stuff, which given the fact that he used it extensively in the campaign against Hillary proves him to be a bare faced liar.

The Democrats along with Obama have painted themselves into a corner on Iraq. In the beginning when it was a popular concept they were all for it. When they noticed the public sentiment change against it they saw political advantage in changing their views to opposition.

And weren’t they opposed? They were vehement, strident, passionate, they accused the troops of cold blooded murder, remember General “Betrayus,” remember how Pelosi tried to use a motion against Turkey to cause them to cut off their part of the supply route for the troops in the line of fire. That’s betrayal.

There used to be a saying, “There is no moralist like an old Whore,” the Democrats have demonstrated it.

Unfortunately for them Bush did what John “I would rather lose an election than lose a war” McCain had been urging against the tide, and started the ‘surge’ which the Dems opposed. The result has been a dramatic improvement in the situation over there, leaving them with egg on their faces.

Now Obama has always been for it, Barack Hussein Gung Hobama.

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