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Jul 12, 2008

Rudd and emissions trading.

We in Australia have to suffer the indignity of Kevin Rudd prancing the world stage giving gratuitous advice on what he wants done about global warming. Kevvy has the intention of rushing headlong into an emissions trading scheme, with no thought of economic consequences for the nation.

This guy is doing the old political trick of using anything that causes alarm to boost the power of government and particularly its tax base, a sort of Al Gore writ small.

Even farmers are to be taxed on the farts of their livestock as these contain methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Business will in many cases close their doors.

One such case appeared in “Adelaide Now” the other day.

OIL company Mobil could be forced to close its Altona refinery when the Rudd Government introduces a carbon emissions trading scheme.

The closure of the refinery, which supplies half of Victoria's fuel needs and 10 per cent of the national capacity, would reduce competition and could push up petrol prices.

Company executives believe the refinery, which employs 350 people, could become unviable because of competition from overseas facilities, which do not have to pay to emit greenhouse gases.

Under emissions trading, Exxon Mobil will have to purchase permits allowing it to emit carbon gases.

Even the Australian Workers' Union national secretary Paul Howes points out there is no point in Australian refineries closing if they were simply replaced by facilities overseas, which had lower environmental standards.


  1. Farmers are going to be taxed on the farts of their cows? Good Lord! It sounds as though you are overrun with nuts as big as the one's here in the US! Where did these idiots come from anyway? Is it an invasion? Is it possible they aren't human beings at all? I'm beginning to wonder if they are being planted by all those UFO's people have been seeing. LOL! There's got to be some explanation for them. They don't have any common sense whatsoever. Common sense is a human attribute, so one has to wonder. ;)

  2. You have a great perspective on this Gayle, but it looks like they are over there as well, or at least in Argentina according to Patrick in a recent post.

  3. This guy Rudd needs to be horsewhipped and rode through the streets on a rail, dripping tar and feathers.