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Jul 16, 2008

W.A.R on the Energy & Economy Crisis

Some of my readers are not going to enjoy this. The LP have come up with a really sensible mainstream ticket at the worst possible time for the GOP, who are facing down a marxist in the guise of a Democrat, a master of double speak,(to put it mildly) with the media firmly determined to have him elected for the novelty value of a black President.

I have respected Root since he first came to my attention. The following excerpt is one of the reasons. WAR is solidly free market and non interventionist, the way the GOP used to be.

I recommend going to the complete article.

Ask any American voter. The two biggest issues in this 2008 election are the economic crisis and the energy crisis. Seldom are there easy answers to such complex problems. But, not this time. The answer is simple- more entrepreneurship and less government!

That means deregulation and decontrol. It means lower taxes and more incentives for private investment. UNLEASH THE FREE MARKET. Government doesn't solve problems- government causes them. American entrepreneurs will solve our energy problem- if only government will get out of the way. And those same entrepreneurs and that same free market capitalism will put America on the road to solving our economic problems as well.

This energy crisis and the economic crisis go hand in hand (and to some extent, the terrorist crisis as well). America's oil purchases abroad account for almost half the U.S. trade deficit. Every dollar we spend on foreign oil is a dollar that could be better spent growing the U.S. economy. How do we find the money to buy all that oil? We borrow it from those same countries, many of whom hate us. What do they do with OUR money? They use it to fund terrorism!

So, how do we stop this vicious cycle? Simple- we get government out of the way. Please, do not get me wrong. There is one area in which I am in consensus with the environmentalists and the Democrats. There is no question that the only long term solution for America's energy independence is to wean ourselves off of fossil fuel (oil) and replace it with clean and renewable energy.

But, the reality is that it may take another 20-30 years to be accomplished. In the meantime, the answer is drill, drill, and drill some more. President Bush took a first step today by lifting the “Executive Ban” on offshore oil drilling. …

Stop listening to liberal environmental extremists who want to drive America (by horse and buggy) back to the dark ages. They couldn't care less about the average working American. These radical environmentalists want to keep us all poor and beholden to them for handouts- that is how they buy your vote and keep themselves in power. It is time in my opinion to put the interests of Americans and the American economy FIRST. ….

Take ethanol as an example. Government tried to solve the energy crisis by picking ethanol as the winner. Big mistake. Ethanol has not only done nothing to solve our energy crisis, it has caused a worldwide economic crisis. The corn crops now dedicated to ethanol production have produced a worldwide shortage of corn needed for food (as well as cattle/chicken feed). That has in turn spiked grocery prices, caused shortages at the grocery store, and incited riots across the globe. Yet gas prices continue to rise, because it actually takes more than a gallon of gas to create a gallon of ethanol. And, it turns out that ethanol causes more pollution than gas as well. The result is an energy and economic crisis caused by government.


  1. Heads up!

  2. I think this man has the stuff but like the Messiah he lacks experience. I hope he keeps to his word and uses this platform as a foundation for a future run in the GOP.

    Dick Morris said last week that Nader is still polling higher than Root along with Barr is. He then pointed to Pat Buchanan in 2000 as an example of how a candidate like Barr will do no damage to McCain. Here's hoping that if Barr does pick up more votes than expected that he pushes McCain to adopt more conservative stances.

  3. If the U.S. were to get off foreign oil and in to the stuff they have in the ground within their own borders, how much impact would that have on world oil prices? I'm guessing it would be somewhat substantial or am I wrong?

  4. I'll look that up tomorrow, I have an early start in the morning.

    Nader is polling higher but is not as yet on as many ballots, and I think he will impact more on the Democrats. The LP seem to think they will get up in possibly 48 states.

    The impact for them would be dramatic, and Root on his website seems to feel that deregulation and a drop in price would cause a lot of speculators to get out of the market.

    Worldwide it should cause a great drop as the States would not be causing so much demand from other sources.

  5. The energy crisis and economic crisis are the same thing!
    Economic and Energy crisis, the real 3 a.m. call for Obama and McCain.

  6. Charles; I am glad you got in contact as you have quite an interesting site there.

    The energy crisis and the economic crisis are linked with the energy cost being a significant contributer to the economic crisis.

    I pretty much agree with what you say in your article. One guy whose site I visit regularly suggests that if oil prices continue to rise some of the US will become economically unviable to live in. The same could happen here.