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Nov 2, 2008

Murtha Panicking Russell looking good.

Some time ago a group calling itself something like MoveonRussell contacted me, I am not sure why, but if they had read me on the subject they would have known that I was not likely to support a group of leftist drop kicks.

Then a couple of days ago the Russell Brigade emailed me with the news that in His desperation, Murtha has called in to help him:

Late yesterday, Congressman Murtha finally tipped his hand. After years of campaigning as a "conservative" Democrat in one of the most conservative regions of the country, he's asking for last minute help from the radical! He's standing with one of America's most controversial left-wing advocacy groups.

MoveOn has nothing in common with Western Pennsylvania values!

Here's some of what he writes: "I am up against the right-wing attack machine again…This is a real emergency -- with just 6 days left. People like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are calling me a traitor and worse…

Today there is an article in “Town Hall,” “Rep. John Murtha fights to keep seat.

Murtha’s main talking point in this attempt seems to be Pork barreling: -

He emphasized the jobs and billions of dollars he's brought home.

"They kick the hell out of me all the time because I'm for earmarks, because I'm for taking care of the people I represent," said Murtha, who chairs the House defense appropriations subcommittee.

The fact of the matter is that these earmarks are of little to no benefit to the people of district 12 who despite them have a disposable income lower than most of the poor areas of Pittsburg. They are only going to those who can already afford to donate to the Murtha campaign. Much of the money is wasted on duplication of existing or unnecessary projects, some of which finds its way into Murtha’s campaign funds.

The desperation of the Democrats to save him from a well-deserved fate is seen with the high profile support he is getting in the last days, with Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., Bill Clinton, and Paul Kanjorski coming into the campaign. This will be unlikely to save him.

The residents of District 12 will probably realize that these people are there because Murtha is of use to the Democrats not the people of the district.

The interesting thing about Murtha’s realization that he is in trouble is that he is blaming it on what he calls the right wing attack machine, and that he started campaigning too late;

"I was blindsided this time. It was my own fault. I take full responsibility and I'm worried that I waited too long to get people activated."

Murtha is in trouble for a number of reasons other than a real quality opponent in Bill Russell, who has run a commendable campaign and one that should be studied by those who hope to see Republicans at the fore again.

Murtha made the headlines by accusing a group of Marines in Haditha who were ambushed when an IED went off killing one member, of cold-blooded murder. Charges were laid against eight members of the unit, seven of whom have been exonerated, with one waiting to get his day in court. Murtha is such an arrogant bastard that he has refused to apologize for it, even to one in his own district.

It is clear that he was prepared to destroy the reputations and careers of decent and heroic American servicemen for no other purpose than personal aggrandizement.

His recent criticism of Western Pennsylvanians as racists, is probably designed to please the elite of the DNC at the expense of the reputation of the people of his own district. It was certainly never intended to be heard by his constituents, nobody is that dumb although explaining that he just meant that they were a bunch of rednecks probably was dumb.

It has been pointed out recently that there is a tendency among some Democrats to say one thing to voters who are needed for the time being, and then say something else to those elsewhere that they are trying to impress.

Still, some of his inner circle are still with him:

Murtha didn't mention his comments at the rallies, but did tell the crowd in Latrobe that, "Sometimes I get in trouble when I say what I think." One person responded by yelling, "You were right."

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