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Nov 10, 2008

Three funerals, and one more needed.

The three Bali bombers who performed the terrorist attack on the tourist island five years ago have been shot and good riddance to them.

There has been no remorse for their actions, which killed 202 people, 88 of whom were Australians, and many others who were mainly Indonesian Muslims and were nothing more to the terrorists than ‘collateral damage’. Two bombs were used, one to move people into the killing area of the other.

The inspiration if it can be called that for their actions was their membership of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group led by the aging bigot Abu Bakar Bashir. Jemaah Islamiyah is an offshoot of Al quida, and seems to have ideas of turning Asia into an Islamic republic.

Now Bashir is praising these mass murderers as ‘martyrs’ and calling for others to follow their lead: -

RADICAL Muslim cleric and terrorist leader Abu Bakar Bashir yesterday urged young Indonesians to follow the lead of the Bali bombers and fight for Islam.

After visiting the mother of two of the bombers in the tiny rural hamlet of Tenggulun in East Java, Bashir praised the killers as Islamic heroes who had brought honour to themselves and their families.

"Their fighting spirit in defending Islam should be followed," the ageing preacher said.

"We will win the fight in this world or die as martyrs."

"Even if they are murdered they will die as Islamic martyrs," he told the small but noisy crowd of mostly unemployed young men.
In a rambling speech Bashir promised his audience that everything would be good for Mujahid (Islamic fighters).
He also conceded that his brand of radical Islam, which is followed only by a tiny minority in Indonesia, faced an uphill battle.
The authorities have to get tougher with people like this. Most Asian countries have savage penalties including death for even minor drug infringements, yet here we have this thing calling for wholesale mass murder and appears to be getting away with it.

Meanwhile our Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith is claiming that Australia is against such executions, and will push for a moratorium on them. By ‘Australia’ he means the government, which is not the same thing. Few of us will be sorry to see these people bite the dust.

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