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Nov 5, 2008

RFK aide slams Obama.

Picture; Former R.F.K. aide Bartle Bull rallies for John McCain in Manhattan. (From NRO)

HT, Born again Redneck.

Some Democrats are still thinking for themselves, and are not carried away with the campaign momentum. Bartle Bull is one of these as reported in NRO.

In blistering remarks to a Saturday morning rally, former Robert F. Kennedy aide Bartle Bull embraced Republican John McCain for president, hurled Barack Obama under the bus, and then backed it slowly over the Democratic nominee.

“America needs a president who is grounded in patriotism, not drowning in ambition,” Bull told a crowd of 150 gathered in Lower Manhattan. “I have used that sentence many times in the last three months, and not once — never once — have I been asked which candidate is which.”

The lifelong activist and former Village Voice publisher presented his impeccable liberal-Democrat credentials.

“I had the privilege of serving as Robert F. Kennedy’s New York campaign manager when he ran for president in 1968,” Bull explained. “I was arrested as a civil-rights lawyer in Mississippi, and I campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment. But in honest conscience, I cannot support the Democratic ticket in this campaign.”

Bull aimed at his target and charged like a longhorn.

“Character in the White House should be more important than charisma on the campaign trail,” Bull declared.

“Barack Obama does not want to ‘change’ America. Barack Obama wants a different country.”

Turning to Obama’s financial agenda, Bull minced no words.

“Obama’s notion of economic fairness is pure Karl Marx,” Bull said, “plus a pocketful of Chicago-style ‘community organization.’”


Former Viet Nam prisoner of war Barry Bridger, a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel, offered stirring words about his one-time next-door-neighbor at the Hanoi Hilton.

“John McCain was the most seriously injured POW to arrive in Hanoi,” said Bridger about the man who spent much of five years in the cell beside Bridger’s. “He limped in with a broken leg, two broken arms, a broken shoulder, a bayoneted foot . . . and a bad attitude.”

Plainfield, New Jersey’s Richard Johns — a nursery and gardening contractor — was one face in the crowd. He jokingly called himself “Richard the Landscaper.” He described himself as a small businessman with ten full-time employees. He also adds new personnel seasonally. Johns echoed McCain’s recent focus on how Obama’s tax-hike plans will hammer small businessmen like himself.

“It’s about creating jobs,” Johns told me. “The more pressure we have in regulations and taxes, the more it pressures investment and growth.”

The last thing Johns wants is a tax hike on his clientele.

“The people with money are afraid to spend it,” Johns said. “People just aren’t spending money because there is a lot of uncertainty. These are the people who hire us.”

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