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Nov 4, 2008

Palin Cleared.

ANCHORAGE — A report released on Monday by a state board found that Gov. Sarah Palin did not apply improper pressure to try to dismiss a state trooper who was her former brother-in-law and did not violate state ethics laws in the firing of her public safety commissioner.

The report by the Alaska Personnel Board contradicts the conclusions last month of a separate inquiry into the matter overseen by a bipartisan legislative panel. The earlier inquiry found that Ms. Palin had breached a state ethics act by pressing to have the trooper, Mike Wooten, fired. The panel said, however, that the governor was within her rights to fire the public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan.

The personnel board’s report, based on an investigation led by an independent counsel, Timothy J. Petumenos, concluded that there was no evidence to prove Ms. Palin or any state employee had acted improperly in Mr. Monegan’s dismissal.

The report said the legislative inquiry had based its conclusions on an incorrect interpretation of state ethics laws and on insufficient evidence. The lawmakers who ordered the first inquiry stood by their report on Monday.

In a statement about the new report, Ms. Palin’s lawyer, Thomas V. Van Flein, said, “The governor is grateful that this investigation has provided a fair and impartial review of this matter and upholds the governor’s ability to take measures when necessary to ensure that Alaskans have the best possible team working to serve them.”

The rest of this report goes back over the previous enquiry, of course it makes sense for the liberal media to give the one that suited them better another run.

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