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Nov 14, 2009

Angry Australian.

This should be listened to while reading "The Australian Letter of the Year." to put you in the mood. Those who have never had to deal with the Australian public service will probably consider the language a little intemperate.

Americans are probably too inherently polite to hold a discussion of this nature, and it would not happen in Europe. The Brits of course understand that their public service knows what's best for them.

Warning; Explicit language, (vulgar and biological.)

Interestingly I have encountered one private company which always made me feel a little like this, a hardware chain who had the most frustrating checkout system I have ever encountered. I was rather relieved when they computerized their system until I realized that nothing had changed except that they took extra time to type all of the stuff they still had to look up in the catalogues into the damn thing.

I once told one of their employees that I always make sure that I never eyeball anyone in their part of the street in case they had been in their store and were angry enough to be looking for a blue. Seriously it once took 16 minutes from the time I got served to finish buying the $5.20 pin punch I put on the counter.

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