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Nov 15, 2009

Chris Matthews - "Its not a crime to call Al-Qaida" …

Some time ago I did an article on Glen Beck claiming to be an emerging libertarian. The subject seemed to arouse some controversy and among the commentators. Among them was Patrick Joubert Conlon; a guy I have a lot of respect for, “It would be nice if Beck becomes libertarian but first he needs to become an adult.”

Checking him out on Youtube I found that I really didn’t really like what I was seeing, in fact if I were to try to describe him it would be difficult not to use the term "histrionic." I also considered him to be disingenuous, shallow, and he generally seemed to be over-acting. The following video however clearly indicates that he has a hell more going for him than his leftie competitors.

We have Chris (thrill up the leg) Mathews asking, "Its not a crime to call Al-Qaida, is it?" Matt Lauer not being egocentric, Evan Thomas, (Newsweek) letting us know that the worst aspect of the Fort Hood shootings is that it will inflame the right. I guess the right are not very PC about that sort of thing and find it hard to adopt an objective outlook on the deaths of thirteen soldiers. It takes the upper classes to recognize the really important things. Katie Couric wets herself over Al Gore.

Another in the series deals with Katie Couric wetting herself over the “dream team,” (Michelle and "Dear Leader"), Chris railing against right wing best-sellers, Ed Schultz making Beck look sane, (The Republicans want to kill you,) and Bill Clinton on the “vast right wing conspiracy.

The really worrying thing about these idiots is, that the White House sees them as the real news networks.

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  1. Beck really is a mixed bag. He raises really important questions but can be histrionic as you say. I'm just not a fan of talk shows - most are too shallow.

    Thanks for the mention.

    I see what you mean with your post about Obama kow-towing.