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Nov 12, 2009

Rand Paul likely for Senate GOP nomination.

Reuters reports:

Bowling Green ophthalmologist and long-time taxpayer activist Rand Paul is leading the field for the Republican nomination for United States Senate, according to the latest poll results. The survey, conducted by ABC affiliate WHAS out of Louisville, shows Dr. Paul beating former frontrunner and beltway insider pick Trey Grayson 35-32 percent.
Today`s strong polling builds on more recent good news for Dr. Paul. Rand lead all Kentucky candidates, Democrat or Republican, in fundraising during the third quarter, pulling in over $1 million.
Rand is the son of Congressman Ron Paul and in the following clip appears to have strong leanings towards his fathers fiscal conservative libertarian brand of Republicanism.


It is interesting to note that his main Opponent Trey Grayson, is an establishment favorite and is now falling behind. Paul has reached out to senior Senator, Mitch McConnell and will be meeting with him shortly.

He is a political novice but has worked strongly with taxpayer groups over the years. His showing possibly is in line with a Rasmussen poll from about a month or so ago which indicated a strong feeling among Americans towards getting rid of a lot of incumbents in the Senate and House and getting new people in there.

The Tea Partiers have not gone away. This is a clear message to the GOP that the old party hacks no longer have a clear run.

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