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Nov 16, 2009

On the road again.

I'm off again to work. This time I am leaving you a music video from way back when.

The Four Preps were popular along time ago, and were one of those groups that had the ultimate college kids dream; releasing a world wide smash hit with "26 Miles."

One of their idiosyncrasies was novelty songs based on getting rid of other groups, and this one, "The Big Draft was one of them. Some of you will recognize the tunes as they take the piss out of them.

Another song in the same vein can be heard here.


  1. For all who were wondering, that is a 25-pounder, or, technically, Ordnance, Q.F., 25-pdr. Now those of you who were lying awake nights wondering what kind of gun that was can rest easy at last.

  2. Of interest:
    UK jails schizophrenic for maintaining right to silence

  3. Actually Bawb, that photo is familiar, I am not certain but I have a feeling that these are Aussie troops, possibly WW2 or Korea. The 25 pounder was extensively used by us.

    The gaiters on the boots of the guy closest right look like ours from that era, as well as the hats.

  4. 25 pounder field gun of the 2/3 Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery being emplaced at Boram Strip near Wewak, New Guinea, June 1945.

    Date: 7 June 1945
    Australian War Memorial catalogue number 092988

    See, some Americans realize that someone else actually fought in WWII too.

  5. Thanks for the reference to it Bawb, I knew I had seen it before. I actually had a sniff around the net to try to locate it but missed the obvious.

    My father talked a few times of the incredible backup your guys gave in places like Finchaven and Lae. One of his recollections was of a US field hospital he ended up in for a time, and the amazement he felt at waking up between clean sheets for the first time in months.