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Mar 26, 2010

Earth Hour/Human Achievement Hour.

Picture: Earth Hour contest; “And the winner is North Korea!”

On Saturday the 27th of March at 8:30 PM the idiots of the world who still support Al Gore’s global warming scam are going to celebrate “Earth Hour,” a time for all sheeple along with their assorted bureaucrats and government masters to turn off the lights for an hour and sit in the dark feeling self-righteous.

The TV coverage the next day will picture all of those lights in cities all over the world going off with the usual platitudes about saving the planet. Interestingly none as usual will question why all that lighting was on in the first place in empty buildings. Surely it can't be for security purposes as if that was the case they could hardly turn them off at all, let alone at an advertised time.

The competitive Enterprise Institute last year initiated Human Achievement Hour, which is a celebration of the progress of humanity from human endeavour. The one-hour celebration coincides with “Earth Hour,” which allows the sane to participate in their own way. Here is a video produced last year to promote it:

The optimistic nature of the video is in sharp contrast to the dire predictions of doom and gloom symbolised by the adherents of Gores version of Piltdown man, or their collective wet dreams of apocalypse.

Governments and lefties including the greens tend to be collectivists with an overwhelming belief that all things good can only be brought about by the state. This tends to push them into the area where they are hostile to any perception that human progress and innovation is able to improve the state of mankind, let alone accept that the scientific achievements of the past have already done so in free countries.

Instead they argue for reversal of what we have achieved maintaining that it cannot be sustained, hence the decades old predictions of world famine, peak oil, anthropogenic global warming and so on. The more we centralise the thinking process the less likely we are to improve the human condition as it is impossible for any think tank to come up with the diversity of ideas produced by millions of individuals attempting to better their own lives in their own way and and by doing so, enriching those around them.

I will be celebrating human achievement while the fuehrer’s of the left celebrate the darkness that matches their spirits.

My message to humanity and especially those guilt ridden souls who have fallen under the influence of the drab grey messengers of doom from the greens, the left, the right, and all those followers of bizarre lines of thought that lead down the road to authoritarianism, is:

It’s OK to feel good about yourself.

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