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Mar 29, 2010

Need for some decent polys here.

I have been dismayed over more years than I care to remember over the paucity of belief in personal liberty among our political representatives we have here. There is no underlying concept of limiting the powers or the scope of government among our representatives, in fact quite the reverse. Our leaders tend without exception to believe that they have a natural right to inflict their will on us in order to create a sort of one size fits all Australian, and worse still bargain us as pawns to pressure groups in order to secure votes at election time.

To get the vote of the green marxists they create a stand in our way state, to fund their grandiose schemes they create a state of theft, and to get the wowsers onside they create an eye in the keyhole state. Our reps have delusions not only of grandeur but of relevance.

I have for some time regretted the fact that we have no politicians of the calibre of some of the US people on the political scene such as Jeff Flake, Ron Paul, and so on who strongly believe in personal freedom and small government. One guy I have seen a lot of lately is Paul Ryan, and I received an Email today from our LDP treasurer pointing out a couple of his great efforts of late with the words:

Paul Ryan - You need to watch this guy. Paul Ryan - a Republican congresman from Wisconsin.

Could you imagine anyone in our pathetic excuse for a government speaking like this?

Another great watch is his statement to Obama, taking the healthcare bill apart, a great performance.

I am noticing with the advent of the tea party movement some great candidates coming to the fore, such as Allan West, Rand Paul, Katherine Jenerette, and Christine O'Donnell. If you guys over there don't elect them you are mad, but if this happens then send them over here, we could use them.


  1. Thank you very much Jim! Like a postcard...wish you were here.

  2. You are welcome, I have corrected my error of omission and linked your names in the post.