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Mar 8, 2010

Kiwi Rugby loss; “Karma.”

This post is designed to poke a bit of fun at “Old Mate” who just couldn’t help sticking it to us Aussies over losing the ‘crucket’ the other night. I just can’t help bowling an ‘underarmer’ on this occasion.

Press release.

New Zealand sporting authorities have concluded an in depth investigation into the humiliating loss by their best rugby team Waikato, who were flogged mercilessly by the lowest ranked team, the perpetual wooden spooners in the competition, the Queensland Reds. Announcing the results today, the chairman of Sports NZ, Mr. Rory Yapp said that sometimes these things happen for no reason that can be detected.

“On this occasion however this is not the case. Its not just a matter of the best team winning on the night, they obviously weren’t. Nor was it, as is usually the case when Australians win, a biased umpire. None of the usual excuses will work here,” he said.

“What we have found on this occasion is that a Kiwi mine manager in some remote town in New South Wales really put shit on a group of Aussies over their loss in the one day cricket match the night before. This appears to have created the situation where Karma has resulted in the Aussies being given the chance to get back at us.”

Photo: NZ rugby authorities are seeking this man as a “Person of interest.”

In conclusion Mr. Yapp stated, “It is hoped that the Aussies will maintain their usual graciousness in victory and refrain from doing to us what we usually do to them when we win.”

In a demonstration of the courteousness of Queenslanders one sporting fan celebrating the event said, “Them Kiwis ul just have to dry their eyes an harden the f**k up a bit before they take us on again.”

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