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Mar 3, 2010

Hang onto your tinfoil hats; yesterday mind control, today earthquakes.

Image: Laika the space dog.(From The Peoples Cube.)
For some time there have been rumors of a Karl Rove mind control ray, prompting a number of satirical posts such as, Sunspot Activity Causes Brief Interruption of Karl Rove's "Mind-Ray" - Democrats Claim Rare Moment of Sanity.
This although generally claimed to be carried out from some secret location, possibly his basement now in view of some of the current statements around the blogs there is a strong possibility that the HAARP site in Alaska is somehow implicated. HAARP or High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program appears mainly to be an effort at research the ionosphere using low frequency waves.
There seems now to be some suspicion among conspiracy theorists though, that it is actually designed to cause mental disturbances among liberal minded folks, possibly paranoia being a prime candidate among these.
Another reasonably bizarre suggestion is that it is actually designed to change the Earths climate. There are a number of posts out there suggesting that there is a program of seeding the contrails of highflying jets with heavy metals. Two that have been mentioned are aluminum, (I wouldn’t have called it heavy), and barium.
It is then claimed that by bombarding contrails with HAARP rays the climate can be changed. One post goes so far as to suggest that the recent Copenhagen global warming conference was sabotaged by this means, causing record low temperatures. The writer claims that by causing the coldest winter on record in the Northern hemisphere, the US was able to prevent any meaningful agreement taking place.
This means that it must have been carried out by some secret cabal, separate to the government as a whole, as the government seemed quite anxious for a solid agreement on GW, along with all those controls they could put in place as well as punitive taxes.
Now if you Google HAARP earthquakes, you will be met with a fascinating array of theories that most recent quakes were caused, (in most cases deliberately) by the governments targeting of fault lines with these rays. Seemingly the US government is giving subtle warnings to China, Haiti, the Kiwis, and Chile among others, using a weapon that is disguised as a natural disaster.
It is not understood how such events would be taken as a warning if the victims are unaware that a weapon has been used.  If you are trying to cause enough fear that nations will stop pissing you off, you really need to ensure that they know that you did it to them and they better pull their heads in or they will get it again, right where the chicken got the axe. A year or so ago Bush could have been blamed but all that has changed now.
Perhaps it is supposed to work by harnessing karma.
Danny Glover and other Hollywood celebrities are smart enough to understand that earthquakes are not caused by movements in the Earths tectonic plates, at least not since Bush was elected. They however claim they are caused by global warming.


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