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May 3, 2011

Bin Laden in hell, FAIR object to jubilation.

Image; America celebrates.

Well its official, a Special Forces group raided Bin Laden’s compound and shot him. Congratulations to all involved. I guess this one of the times the US taxpayer will enjoy seeing their tax dollars working for them.

There is a fair bit of speculation at present as to what effect this will have in the long run. It is not likely to stop the terrorists; they are spread across the world with leaders who are capable of committing their bastardry independently. The likelihood is that they have been given the disruption to their chain of command. Radical clerics are still stirring up hatred in many countries, and serving as recruiting agencies for their cause.

Bin Laden though, has been a sort of legendary figurehead for the extremists and his absence should place something of a dampener on things after a while. Possibly in the short term though, martyr status may bring in some more of them, and there will probably be some retaliatory efforts. The US has denied those who would use his burial site as a shrine the chance by burying him at sea.

George Bush made the valid point in his response by pointing out, “The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.” Those who have given Bin Laden celebrity status over his ability to avoid capture, will now have to consider the possibility that they will never be safe from retribution.

America is celebrating the news. Crowds have gathered in a number of locations and are in a festive mood. Who could mind this?

Well for a start Kuranda Seyit of the Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations (FAIR) has called the US celebrations over the death Osama bin Laden "disgusting'' and called on people to be more reserved. Killing people over a perceived insult to your religion is apparently OK, but to express happiness over the exit of a mass murderer is obscene.
''(The celebrations) are just like the so-called reports by American television of Muslims celebrating after September 11, this is just as bad. "We need to show a little bit more respect towards humanity, even if they're the bad guys.'' He claimed; "A lot of people see him as a negative representative of the Muslim community, but then, other people see him as someone who is at least having a go at some of those colonial powers interfering in Muslim affairs.''
For a start, Americans are celebrating the death of a mass murderer who ordained the killing of around 3,000 of their people, mostly civilians. The only place where they attacked anything military was the Pentagon, where apart from the passengers in the plane, 125 people were killed, most of them civilians. Most of those in uniform killed on the day were firemen and emergency workers trying to get people out of the WTC.

The celebrations in the reports after 911 were not, “so called,” they were well documented, and were initiated over the murder of those mentioned above. Mr. Seyit should get his head out of his arse, if he wants to improve relations between the people he represents and the wider Australian community, and act with a little less bias in favor of terrorists.

And by the way Mr. Seyit, there is no point in waiting for confirmation, your hero is as dead as last weeks road-kill.

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